Relief as 4 schools in Sengerema receive 90 desks, eight washrooms

29Jul 2021
The Guardian
Relief as 4 schools in Sengerema receive 90 desks, eight washrooms

​​​​​​​THREE primary schools and one secondary school in Sengerema District, Mwanza Region have been given 90 desks and eight washrooms, thanks to the initiatives made by a mining firm—OreCorp Tanzania Limited (OreCorp).

Sengerema acting district executive director, Donati Bunonosi (C) cuts the ribbon to receive 90 desks for Kaningu, Nyashimba and Sotta primary schools and eight new toilets for girls at Ngoma secondary school from OreCorp Tanzania Limited during a handover ceremony in Sengerema District, Mwanza Region recently. Standing on the left is OreCorp’s community liaison officer John Bwana. Photo: Guardian Correspondent

Primary schools that have benefited from the donation include Kaningu, Nyashimba and which were given 90 desks, and Ngoma secondary school got eight washrooms for girls.

The donation worth 26m/- is one of the latest community development  projects undertaken and offered by OreCorp since taking over the management of Nyanzaga gold project in 2015.

OreCorp’s community liaison officer, John Bwana said the firm handed over 90 new school desks and eight washrooms at the Ngoma Secondary School, to the acting sengerema district executive director Donati Bunonosi.

Bwana said the donation of the desks and washrooms comes at a pivotal time for OreCorp as on early June, this year, the firm was advised that the cabinet of ministers had approved the company’s special mining licence application to develop the 670bn/- Nyanzaga gold project (Nyanzaga project) south of Ngoma in  Sengerema District.

OreCorp’s Tanzanian general manager Damien Valente stated: “OreCorp is proud of its continued support to provide children with a safe and comfortable environment in which to learn and further their studies.”

Bunonosi also expressed his gratitude for OreCorp’s contribution saying: “The Nyanzaga gold project has the full support of local district and regional communities who welcome the opportunities that this large-scale investment will bring to the region”.

The project is now on track to be the first large-scale gold mine to be built in Tanzania in over a decade and the first-ever large-scale mine in the Sengerema District.

In April 2021 OreCorp also provided 45m/- for the construction of   new Ngoma police station.

Previous projects include renovation and construction of numerous classrooms at various schools within the district, building pit latrines, repairing and supplying water wells in the area, upgrading local roads, deepening Sotta Dam, supplying building materials including cement, iron sheets, and sand for the construction of village dispensary’s and district council offices and growing and supplying over 11,000 tree seedlings to local schools and communities.

The construction of the desks and the washrooms were endorsed by the DED Sengerema in December 2020, and construction work commenced in June 2021.

These were fully funded by OreCorp as part of its generous community enhancement scheme and in accordance with its approved Corporate Social Responsibility plan (CSR).

The Nyanzaga gold project is located in  Sengerema District,   Mwanza Region in the Lake Victoria Goldfields. The deposit hosts an estimated three million ounces of gold and will produce approximately 200,000 ounces (six tonnes) of gold per annum and will cost an estimated 670bn/-.

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