Simple life hacks that you can copy from success people

22Apr 2018
Eliana Mwibari
Guardian On Sunday
Simple life hacks that you can copy from success people

FOR a couple of weeks we have been looking at different habits that one per cent of people in the world have which are different from the remaining ninety nine per cent.

You might ask yourself as to who the one per cent people are! The answer to that is, the wealthiest people in the world are said to be just one per cent and the rest of the percentage is covered by middle incomers and the majority being the poor.

My intention is to try to help introduce, or rather remind you, these habits that create a bridge between these two groups of people with the hope that I can help someone who is trying to ask themselves what exactly they have to do to get into the one per cent group. I hope that person is you or someone you know that you can share with. So let’s proceed.

Last week we looked at habits, such as adopting a glass-half-full mentality, which simply means we should always look at life from a positive aspect. We went further and looked at factors like meditation, being brave through failure, which simply means we should never give up.

Always be willing to keep going, keep pushing until you get a breakthrough. We looked at factors like playing hard. Here we saw the importance of living your life. Yes, it is okay to be focused and even addicted to your work, but just don’t forget to live. Remember that all work without play makes Jack a dull boy; so live your life or smell the roses along the way.

We looked at factors like exercising, acting for long-term goals and paying attention to relationships.

Today let’s keep on exploring more habits of the wealthy. Number thirteen is being thrifty. Most of the time we think that successful people do spend their money randomly as they have lots of it, but our thinking is very faulty because these are the kind of people who understands the meaning of budgeting and, most importantly, trying to cut down costs as much as possible and living a simple life.

Take an example of Mark Zuckerberg, the founder and CEO of Facebook, who still drives a simple car and wears the same kind of clothing every day. We all agree that if he wanted he could be driving the most expensive cars in the world and wearing the most expensive clothes in the world.

But he doesn’t do that; he is very conscious of how he lives his life. Another example is the second wealthiest man in the world, Warren Buffet. The Buffet story is very different from any other rich man’s’ story I have ever heard, and this is because, if you are talking of extreme thrifty, you are talking of Warren Buffet because not only is he not thrilled with advanced technology like touch screen mobile phones, bit he still uses his old flip phone. But mind you, that flip phone closes deals of billions of dollars!

And not only that, he still lives in his small and old house that he has lived all his life and does not have any plans of moving out of it. He prefers living his life the old way I might say, and that proves to us that it is important to be as thrifty as possible if you want to change your life.

Now I warn you that, mind you, this should not mean that you should stop living at all, but just being very keen with how your life style is. Don’t live your life trying to paint a different picture from your reality because somewhere along the way you will not be able to keep up with yourself and you will fall.

So, instead of trying to think how you are going to spend every penny you have, think how you can invest it and benefit from it in the long run. So be thrifty.

Number fourteen, be self sufficient. How nice it would be to afford a restaurant quality lunch every day! Well, yes, it would but it is nice to be independent and be self-sufficient. Self-made millionaire Charlee Ardin, founder and CEO of Dish Network, makes his lunch every day.

Most of us don’t have this habit and we prefer taking lunch at restaurants every day. We have to make it okay to carry a lunch box from home. This will not only save your budget, it will also give you the inconvenience of taking your lunch at your work place and save you the time and the trouble to go and wait un line to be served.

And, most importantly, carrying a lunch box will make it easy to stick to your diet plan rather than going to a restaurant and break your health plan due to temptations at the restaurant which might lead you to taking unhealthy meals.

It’s great to have support, but millionaires usually get to where they are by holding themselves accountable in all aspects of their lives.

Number fifteen, follow your passion obsessively. When you think of obsession in your passion, Steve Jobs is one of the billionaires who strongly believed in going for what he was passionate about. He believed that you have to find something that you are passionate about in order to generate enough passion that will lead you to success.

Almost all successful people believe in this concept. Just today I finished reading a book titled The Ten Commandments of Money by Aliko Dangote and I came across the same concept. Actually the first commandment is doing something that you are passionate about, according to him.

So, don’t just do something for the sake of doing it but find something that you really are passionate about. The truth is it’s difficult to persevere when you have less passion about something, and when crisis hits many people tend to quit when they have less passion about what they do, but if you have real passion you will wake up and go again and again until you get a breakthrough.

Number sixteen, read widely. It is sad that somehow we Tanzanians don’t have a reading culture, and we even have conformed to that to the extent of saying that if you want to hide wealth from a Tanzanian, just put it in a book. It’s time we trashed out such kind of mentality and developed a reading, or rather learning, culture. I can bet on this that all successful people are continuously learning.

And this is because there is a lot of information that will help you to be on top of your game if you adopt a learning culture. So many new ideas are found in books that you can use to create your own niche and become successful. So, since we have conformed to our not learning culture what happens is we copy whatever a neighbour is trying to do.

Just try to implement an idea today and less than a week later you will have several people trying to do the same thing. For me being in a learning and human developing industry as a trainer, most of the companies take training as an unnecessary expense, and when it comes to cutting down operational expenses always the learning and developing department suffers as it is taken as an extra expense to the company.

Number seventeen, find a mentor. Successful people always surround themselves with even smarter people. A mentor is someone who gives you guidance on how to achieve something.

They are willing to teach and advice you and sometimes take you hand in hand into making sure that you get to what you want to be. Most of the time billionaires become mentors of future billionaires because just by surrounding themselves with billionaires they are able to learn not only theoretically but also practically.

A vivid example is when Steve Jobs mentored Mack Zuckeberg and Sean Parker who later became millionaires. The most important to consider here is that don’t go out there and start looking for a fabulous mentor. Mentors do come from different angles and different walks of life. I remember my first mentor was someone I knew from the internet, and trust me, he has impacted and still inspires me a lot. And sometimes books can play that role too.

So, you have no excuse. Find someone who inspires you most and follow them. Let them guide you through this journey to success, because sometimes it’s hard to figure out things by yourself, but learning from someone who has been through the same challenge will save you the trouble of trying to figure out things for yourself. So get a mentor.

Number eighteen, develop multiple streams of income. Most people have only one job that equals to one stream of money, which is okay, but looking at the most successful people in the world you will realize that they have multiple sources of income. They are like an ocean that has lots of streams of water that pours water into them.

Multiple streams of money are extremely important because they give you security in case your main stream of income is hit with a crisis. Take an example of billionaire Richard Branson who has multiple companies, such as Virgin Airline, Virgin Mobile, Virgin Australia, Virgin Atlantic and so on and so forth.

I encourage you to put your eggs in multiple buckets, though there is a concept that put all your eggs in one bucked and guide the bucked but I believe it is extremely important to put your eggs in multiple buckets.

Number one, get up early. Getting up early and starting up early gives you a chance because your brain is sharp at that time and your motivation is high. The earlier you wake up the more you accomplish on that day. Most billionaires believe in this, such as Mohamed Dewji, Jack Ma, Aliko Dangote, Richard Branson, etc.

And last, but not least, and this is from me, I believe we get to the level of success that we desire by, first and foremost, the grace of God. God leads us in our day-to-day journey towards success, though some people don’t believe in that, but truth be told.

We get to the level of our success by the grace of God. Millionaires like Tyre Perry and Aliko Dangote believe in this, and so do I, and next to that is hard work because once you discover what your purpose is and align yourself to it God will bring people and situations that will lead you to your success, but getting there depends on how hard you work and your attitude to persevere.

So, now that you have been introduced to the habits of the wealthy what are your take from this lesson and which ones are you going to implement from now on. Please, I would like to know, and may be of help in one way or another.

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