SMEs, farmers in Tanga urged to be close to financial institutions

08Jun 2021
The Guardian
SMEs, farmers in Tanga urged to be close to financial institutions

​​​​​​​SMALL and Medium Entrepreneurs (SMEs) and farmers in Tanga Region have been advised to be closer to financial institutions to capitalise on various opportunities including business training and access loans provided by the institutions, so as to boost their capital while-

NBC Bank business development manager for Tanga branch, Aljiran Mbwani (R) explaining the bank's services to Tanga Regional Administrative Secretary Pili Hassan (2 and L) during her visit to the bank's pavilion at the just ended Tanga’s eighth Trade Fair held at Mwahako grounds in Tanga. Photo: Guardian Correspondent

- while running their operations competitively.

The call was made over the weekend by Tanga Regional Administrative Secretary Ms. Pili Hassan while closing the eighth edition of Tanga Trade Fair held at Mwahako Grounds, Tanga involving various stakeholders including financial institutions, authorities and government institutions, tourism patrons, farmers and entrepreneurs from inside and outside the city.

“Among other things, I am very impressed with the participation of financial institutions in this exhibition. It is my hope that business people especially small business owners as well as farmers have made good use of these institutions’ presence. My call to them is to stay close to these institutions so that they can benefit from them through their businesses and agricultural activities," she said.

Pili also asked the financial institutions to continue to open more doors for these groups by providing business education and how they can benefit from loans before lending, which will enable them to conduct their business professionally and repay on time while increasing their capital.

Commenting on the call, NBC’s Business Development Manager Tanga branch, Aljiran Mbwani, said the bank has always realized the importance of entrepreneurs and farmers in the city and it has been at the forefront working with the groups to offer entrepreneurship and agribusiness training before providing loans.

“However, we have been getting more cooperation from large-scale farmers, especially sisal and spice crops, as we continue to awaken the small businesses and small-scale farmers. This is done through business training to entrepreneurs and education on the proper use of loans we provide to farmers.'' He said.

He mentioned some of the various products tailored to the groups include NBC Shambani account, Kua Nasi, Malengo account, Johari account which is specifically for women as well as credit services.

In addition to participating in the exhibition, NBC Bank was one of the key sponsors of the exhibition which was held with great success as it attracted a lot of participants while also witnessing hundreds of city residents showing up to the exhibition.

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