Smile introduces new app for video and voice calls

16Mar 2016
Victor Karega
The Guardian
Smile introduces new app for video and voice calls

ONE of the country’s 4G LTE internet service providers, Smile Communications Tanzania Limited has introduced ‘SmileVoice’ an app that enables internet users to make voice and video calls as well as sending text messages.

The app which is available free of charge enables internet consumers with android or apple iPhone devices to make use of it over Smile’s 4G LTE networks.

This was revealed recently in Dar es Salaam by Erico Behner, Smile Country Manager saying the company’s regular ‘SmileData’ bundle gives users an access to ‘SuperFast’ mobile broadband plus high quality voice calls and SMS.

According to him, the latest introduced app would offer cheap call rates. “With ‘SmileVoice’ app, our subscribers are enabled to make local and international calls.”

For a person to enjoy the service, Behner says: “Users would either need to obtain a Voiceover LTE (VoLTE) enabled handset and inserts their Smile SIM cards, or can download the free app for their android/apple iPhone devices.”

He added: “All SmileVoice calls are charged in Megabites (MB) Bs to your active data bundle and equates to a local second call rate. As an example, when you have an active 10GB anytime SmileData bundle and make local SmileVoice calls, these calls are charged in MBs to your data bundle and your effective call rate per minute is 8MB low call rates and an easy-to-use voice service,” he said.

SmileUnlimited provides customers with unlimited access for 30 days over Smile’s SuperFast 4G LTE broadband networks- there is no other provider offering its customers such value and convenience, noted Behner.

Linda Chiza, Smile’s Marketing Communications Manager pointed out that Smile chooses to associate with technology partners that are not only known for delivering world class networks but whom are masters at the game and deployment that we want to do at a certain time and place.

She revealed that the service will be rolled-out in the five towns and cities of Mwanza, Mbeya, Moshi, Dodoma and Morogoro.

The roll-out of SmileVoice and SmileUnlimited in Tanzania came after a similar offering in Nigeria. In addition, Smile is set to launch its services in the DRCongo this year.Last year, the company raised funding to finance the expansion of its Africa’s 4G networks.

The funding was one of the largest capital raised ever for a telecommunications operator in Africa and brings the total funding committed to Smile since its founding in 2007 to approximately $600 million.

Smile aims to provide the best customer experience and with VoLTE it can do this, offering affordable high-speed high-quality voice and data services, said Chiza.