Tamwa calls for public to change mindset on woman leadership

14Apr 2021
By Guardian Reporter
Dar es Salaam
The Guardian
Tamwa calls for public to change mindset on woman leadership

​​​​​​​DIRECTOR of the Tanzania Media Women's Association (TAMWA) Rose Reuben has said that it’s high time for the community to change its mindset and see that a woman's leadership position is not a fortune, but a right.

She made the remarks Dar es Salaam, during a three-day training for 30 journalists from various media outlets in Tanzania aimed at empowering journalists on gender issues and the importance of leadership for women.

Rose said women in the community still do not seem to be the right people to be leaders and that’s why President Samia Suluhu Hassan in power.

“That’s why there are people who are still in surprise because they aren’t aware that a woman can be a leader at any post,” she said.

Due to that notion, Rose said that journalists are responsible to ensure that the community changes its mindset and views a woman that can be a leader at any post.

She said that since journalists have a greater voice than other people or institutions then they should make good use of the opportunities they have to change the Tanzanian society on women leadership.

UN Women Representative for Tanzania, Hodan Addou vowed that her organisation will continue to work with TAMWA on both sides with the aim of bringing about equality in society.

Addou said: “I believe that equality needs to be there if we’re to build a strong nation that brings on board all people without one side of the gender being seen as stronger and the other weaker.”

Unesco program manager Information and Communication unit, Nancy Kaizilege media practitioners have a responsibility to get more women's voices through their daily reports knowing that women are people who need to be heard more.

She also urged the journalists not to stop raising their voices on issues of humiliation in various fields including political where so far there have been various reports of abuse of women through politics.

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