TAMWA-Zanzibar: Equal rights basis for development and democracy

01Jul 2022
By Guardian Reporter
The Guardian
TAMWA-Zanzibar: Equal rights basis for development and democracy

DR MZURI Issa, the Director of Tanzania Media Women Association for Zanzibar (TAMWA-Zanzibar) has said the community with the ability to identify challenges that hinder the accessibility of their rights is the foundation in attaining equal opportunities for development via democracy in the community

TAMWA-Zanzibar director Dr Mzuri Issa.

Mzuri explained that many communities are faced with various problems that hinder justice and their own development but they fail to solve them due to lack of a strong will in speaking about them at the relative levels for them to be addressed in time.

Mzuri was in Pemba Wednesday this week addressing community activists to demand for their rights, and women in particular to participate in leadership issues and democracy through the project for women to involve themselves in leadership that is being implemented by TAMWA-ZANZIBAR in collaboration with Zanzibar Female Lawyers Association (ZAFELA) and Pemba Environmental and Gender Organisation (PEGAO) under the sponsorship of the Norwegian Embassy in Tanzania.

She explained that if the community will have the ability to raise their problems and take appropriate steps, it will spur accountability in the provision of their rights.

Earlier, Mzuri called on the activists working in all districts of Pemba – Micheweni, Wete, Mkoani and Chake Chake to make sure they implement their responsibilities in helping the people by having the capacity to solve the challenges they face.   

“The concept of the project in establishing mobilizers in the community is to make sure the citizen at the lowest level to raise the challenges he/she faces so as to take steps on them as well as to be bold enough to sit on one table with appropriate authorities to find the solution thereof in a democratic way,” Mzuri said.

She also explained that the existence of the mobilisers in the community aims to make provide providers in various institutions to increase the pace in the accountability in regard to solving obstacles people face in their areas.

Micheweni District Community Mobilizer Ali Othman explained that through meetings held in various shehia they identified some challenges including a limited understanding of women in issues that will enable them to enter leadership positions which hinders their full participation in those positions.

He also noted that another challenge is the presence of fake birth certificates for some citizens of Shumba Shehia, Micheweni District, North Pemba Region, which leads many citizens to lose their basic rights including leadership positions.

"The problem of the presence of fake birth certificates for the residents of Micheweni District, North Pemba Region is one of the biggest challenges we have raised in the community, as in our meetings in the shehia many citizens especially Shumba Urban Shehia their cry was to get fake certificates, ”Explained the mobilizer.

He added that the presence of these mobilizers in the community has helped to build the capacity of the community to have the courage to speak out about the problems they face openly.

And Husna Khamis from Wete District explained that, after realizing the existence of the illiteracy problem of many citizens, especially women, they partnered with the community to establish adult classes to give citizens the opportunity to overcome the problem that deprives them of their basic rights.

He said, "Through the shehia mobilization, we have successfully launched 6 adult classes with a total of 130 people to enable them to read and write in Mlindo Shehia, Wete District and many of them are already learning to read and write."

ZAFELA's evaluation and monitoring officer, Rajab Hamad, commended the efforts made by the mobilizers for achieving monitoring of challenges and barriers that delay access to citizens' rights.

"I would like to congratulate the community mobilizers in Pemba for successfully monitoring the challenges of the people and ensuring that all our follow-ups have positive results from the monitoring you have done at various levels, and this is because the goal of this SWIL project is not only to raise issues but also to help collaborate and the community to find solutions to these problems.”

 The project to promote women's participation in leadership and democracy is a project aimed at promoting women's participation in leadership which is implemented by the Tanzania Media Women's Association (TAMWA-Zanzibar), Zanzibar Female Lawyers Association (ZAFELA) and Pemba Environment, Gender, and Advocacy Organization (PEGAO)) with funding from the Norwegian Embassy in Tanzania.

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