TANCDA hails Samia on war against NCDs

03May 2021
By Guardian Reporter
The Guardian
TANCDA hails Samia on war against NCDs

​​​​​​​TANZANIA Non Communicable Disease Alliance (TANCDA) has praised President Samia Suluhu Hassan by having in her government priorities for the war against non-communicable diseases (NCDs).

In its statement to the media TANCDA secretary Prof Kaushik Ramaiya said: “We also praise her for recognising hardships experienced by many NCDs sufferers by promising to boost health insurance funds to enable them cover all Tanzanians, the issue that has been TANCDA’s cry for a long time.”

 “Addressing the 12 Parliament in Dodoma on April 22 this year, President Samia said her government would put its efforts in the prevention and treatment of diseases including NCDs that cause many deaths and cost the government huge amounts of funds.”

President Samia also said her government will strengthen specialized health services at regional referral hospitals.

Quoting president Samia, Prof Kaushik said “the government will strengthen health services to elders and put in place special plans to provide medical services to people suffering from rare diseases.

“My government will strengthen the National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF) aimed at having Universal Health Cover (UHC).”

The TANCDA statement further quotes Prof Ramaiya as saying that the Alliance was greatly satisfied by the government’s strategy by recognising that sufferers of NCDs increase at a fast rate even affecting young people including children.

He also said scientific researches show that in 2016 42 million people, or 71 per cent of all deaths in the world were caused by non-communicable diseases and 75 per cent of all deaths of people between 30 and 70 years of age.

He explained that NCDs are diseases that have no bacteria that can transmit from sufferers to others, such as heart diseases, cancer, diabetes and mental diseases.

“TANCDA concentrates more in educating the community to understand these diseases because our research shows that if everyone understands well the diseases, it would be easy for them to avoid them,’ Prof Ramaiya further said in the statement.

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