Tanzania-Uganda Road Project to kick-off soon

02Feb 2021
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Dar es Salaam
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Tanzania-Uganda Road Project to kick-off soon

The Tanzania-Uganda Road Project linking the two countries in East Africa is set to kick off
soon.According to the East African Community (EAC) deputy secretary general (Planning and
Infrastructure) Steven Mlote, Funds are currently being mobilized for that purpose.

The Tanzania-Uganda roads will cover a total of 252km and will be implemented under theTanzania-Uganda Road Project being coordinated by the EAC. The Masaka-Mutukula sectionwill cover 89km while the Mutukula-Kyaka section has a length of 30km.

Mutukula-Kyakahighway will link to a 133km Tanzanian section from Bugene to Kumunazi via Kasulo in the western regions. Mr. Mlote further added that the Tanzania-Uganda Road Project is aimed to improve intra-EAC transport.

“The purpose is to facilitate the development of the regional road transport market inthe East African region,” he said while receiving final designs from the project consultants inArusha.

Funding the multi-million dollar project He also lauded the African Development Bank (AfDB) which is funding the project under its Nepad Infrastructure Project Preparation Facility (IPPF). This is a special fund established to assist African countries and the regional economic communities (RECs) like the EAC withgrants for implementation of mega infrastructure projects.

NEPAD-IPPF supports the development of regional and continental infrastructure projects byproviding Financial Grants to African Governments, Regional Economic Communities (RECs)and African infrastructure-related institutions (Power Pools, Corridor Agencies, etc) to preparehigh-quality bankable trans-boundary projects in energy, trans-boundary water resources,transport and ICT able to attract financing for implementation to achieve development outcomes.

There is no definitive minimum or maximum funding as the actual funding depends on thespecific project and larger projects can be done on a co-financing basis with other partners.

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