TBS urges traders in the country to register premises and products

15Feb 2021
The Guardian
TBS urges traders in the country to register premises and products

​​​​​​​THE Tanzania Bureau of Standards (TBS) has reminded food and cosmetics traders in the country to register their premises and products so as to enable them conduct their activities smoothly while protecting consumers’ health.

Neema Mtemvu, TBS public relations officer made the call at the just ended 4th edition of the national economic empowerment council exhibitions held at the Sheikh Amri Abeid grounds in Arusha Region.

“We urge all people including those who visit our pavilion to register their premises, food and cosmetics to comply with the requirements of the changes in the Finance Act of the year 2019,” she said.

She noted that the Finance Act No 8 of 2019 gave TBS permission to register food products and cosmetics, the obligation which was once under the former Tanzania Food and Drugs Authority (TFDA).

“Therefore registration of products and premises of selling food and cosmetics is a legal requirement which anyone practicing the businesses has to obey,” Mtemvu said.

She said registration of premises and food and cosmetics products started last year since the bureau assumed the roles from the former TFDA.

“We are now dealing with food and cosmetics, it is illegal for a trader to import unregistered food or cosmetics or even their premises should be registered, “she said.

According to her, registration also involves cafes, food vans, food stores and cosmetics.

She urged traders who want to continue or engage in the businesses to contact the bureau before embarking on them.

The official also urged SMEs to apply for free certification services which is under special programme established by Small Industries Development Organisation (SIDO)

She said the organization certifies the quality of their products for three years without any payment to enable them access local and foreign markets.

Mtemvu said the government has established the programme to enable SMEs to produce quality goods and expand the market of their products.

She urged SMEs and other interested persons to make use of the opportunity especially during this time when the government has been insisting on an industrial economy.

“TBS as a facilitating institution, helps SMEs to certify their goods free of charge, it is better now they respond to the legal requirement to avoid unnecessary blocks to access local and abroad markets”,Mtemvu said.

She said once they certify their goods it would help them produce sustainable products which would be sold anywhere including Zonal markets such as SADC.

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