They lead, others follow

20Nov 2020
The Guardian
They lead, others follow

As a leader in the work place whether the head of a department, a team leader,CEO or a human resource officer, you ought to be a great leader, give direction and allow your colleagues be themselves. 

It means you are a visionary and have attempted to shoe the same to the team. You listen to your colleagues whenever they need someone to listen to and their go to person when they want to bounce off ideas on how to get things done even if their ideas seem not to make sense, you have a way of just giving the listening ear.

Colleagues will certainly celebrate working with you because you are genuinely a team player. You actually want the best for the team. You want only what works well for the team and thus enjoy being around you. They want to be associated with you in a lot of the things that they will do. Notice that even colleagues who are not in your department seem to want to be part of your departmental initiatives. Then it means they do enjoy working with you and thus celebrate you too.

As a mentor for the aspiring colleagues and a coach to those already within the system, colleagues will tend to value your counsel. You are full of wisdom and understanding in dealing with issues. You are able to identify in them their talent and work with them on the same. Ability to correct them as a professional

If you are the kind of colleague that makes others feel important and make them feel that they matter. You are the kind that hold other colleagues regard in what they say or do irrespective of together rank in the organization. Then indeed you are the ripe for celebration within the organization and this will not go unnoticed.

Physical hygiene is an important aspect to uphold as a leader because there are certain things that colleagues take for granted in the work place and yet form a very integral part of the work environment. Yes, personal hygiene cannot be ignored in any way. To be honest, if this is a major issue then the converse comes to play. Colleagues will tend to tolerate you just because they have to work with you. Thinking of the times when you take that puff and the previous night’s drink and then you run a one to one session with your staff. Now I digress to the negative yet there is better to be found here. Think of the way you will enter and office and they will know, you were there. The celebration of such a person is as a leader who is conscious about his hygiene is beyond measure as colleagues want to associate with well-groomed and hygienic colleagues.

Finally, but definitely not the least, you will be celebrated as long as you carry a genuine smile. I know recently I had a BAD day when things were just not working in my work place. And it was clear they knew I had lost my smile for that day so I knew I was being tolerated. Because if you are that kind of colleague who never produces positive vibes and energy, colleagues avoid you. And indeed that day, I was totally avoided and my rabbit teeth were no longer visible. Check it out, in your work place, the energy boosters are people who make you laugh and smile even in the midst of all the drama. I have had a few of them in my work life and indeed they have been so helpful and I celebrate them. Are you that one who colleagues know to go to when their energy levels are very low? Are you with the magic smile? Does it give the ‘abra kadabra’ feel? Then if they don’t tell you this, I am telling you, I celebrate you my dear colleague. It is not easy to maintain a smile in the midst of work place drama so if you do. I salute you with my whole being.

The work environment can bring out certain qualities that may bring both features of tolerance and celebratory in the same breath. Be conscious enough to know when you are being tolerated or celebrated, either way, let the latter tips the scale at all times.