TPC makes people’s life easier as operating digitally

23Jun 2022
By Guardian Reporter
The Guardian
TPC makes people’s life easier as operating digitally

​​​​​​​THE Tanzania Posts Corporation (TPC) is one of the leading public organisations in the country and in Africa and the world at large which has successfully made its services digitally available.

Of late, TPC has embarked on significant changes to its infrastructures countrywide so that its operations are conducted digitally to satisfy the present society’s needs.

The corporation has improved its infrastructure to make it go in tandem with modern times and become among the most modern in the country and Africa in general.

TPC Postmaster General, Macrice Mbodo cites some of the improvements as revamping of its buildings that provide postal services beginning with those at regional centres and later in districts.TPC has also created a technological system to simplify its operation and service provision, noting: “The Postal Management Information System (PMIS) was created and integrated into letters, EMS, track and trade and post office letter boxes.”

He adds: “Other systems created include the strengthening of international postal services such as CDS, IPS, and IFS as well as the launching of e-office to simplify inter-office operations.”

In regard to the security of customers’ property, Mbodo says TPC has improved the security of customers’ property while in its care by installing three Baggage Scanners at its Dar es Salaam Head Office and other inspection areas of packages as well as more than 330 CCTV in its various offices both in the Mainland and the Isles.

The corporation has increased working tools by purchasing 13 vehicles and 20 motorcycles for its various operations regarding postal delivery.

“We also purchased five vehicles for the transport of heavy goods for delivering heavy goods to various customers countrywide,” he adds.

Mbodo also stresses that in order to go in tandem with online commerce (e-commerce) which is the new concept in postal operations worldwide, TPC has established and strengthened four shops, two online shops - (Postal e-shop and e-philately) that are in operation in which a customer “enters” the shop online using his mobile phone or computer connected to the internet to select the goods he needs to purchase.

“He then pays for the goods online and the goods are conveyed by post to a point of his selection. So far over 810 entrepreneurs have been registered with the online postal shop,” he says, adding that TPC has also established two inclusive service centres “Huduma Pamoja Centres” – in Dares Salaam and Dodoma which are operating while two others in Mwanza and Mbeya are yet to start operating.

Services obtained at these centres include those in regard to NHIF, BRELA, NIDA, TRA, Immigration, PSSSF, NSSF, and RITA, and added that PTC is considering adding 36 more centres countrywide.

According to him, TPC has strengthened professional, operational, and operational relationships by entering into agreements for commercial, operational, and operational partnerships with eleven institutions and twelve major clients (July-2021 to April 2022) of postal services in the country.

The state-run entity has strengthened relationships with the postal institutions in the world where Tanzania is a member of the Universal Postal Union (UPU), the situation has led the country to get the credibility and finally elected majority vote to be a member of the Governing Body (41members) and that of the Operation (48 members) of the International Postal Union.

Tanzania is the only representative from the Southern African Development Community (SADC) countries in these councils and is also the Co-Chair of the UPU Physical Services and e-commerce Committee.

The official says: “Tanzania has also continued to be a permanent member of the governing body of the African Post Office and is also a member of both the Pan African Postal Union (PAPU) and East African Communications Organization (EACO) working committees.”

He says that the enhancement of digital technology has led many countries to become interested in applying for digital technology, whereby within this one year of the sixth phase government, the corporation has received visitors from Ivory Coast, Kenya, and Burundi, and some countries are preparing to come and learn how to operate digital postal services within the Tanzania Postal Corporation.

On human resources, Mbodo says: “Tanzania Posts Corporation has strengthened human resources—staff performance to increase productivity such as organizing training and seminars as well as identifying risky indicators of goals, corruption, residential addresses as well, protocols, integrity, creativity in the workplace and leadership in the workplace and training in the proper use of modern technological operational systems that simplify the work.”

The corporation has also taken various steps in the process of ensuring that its services are internationally recognized and certified by the International Standards Organization (ISO), training and preparation of key information have been done within this phase.

 In collaboration with the Tanzania Bureau of Standards (TBS), Posts Corporation is in the final to ensure it gets the ISO certificate within this year, he says.

On future plans to create a positive image of the corporation, Mbodo says the goal is to ensure all services and projects we’ve launched are distributed nationwide to ensure every Tanzanian has access to our services wherever they are."

At the same time we want to ensure that our services are quality and sustainable to bring positive results to the corporation to increase revenue for the TPC and the nation as well," he explains.

Other initiatives include continuing to educate the public about postal services to ensure that every citizen has the opportunity to use the services of the Post Office.

Collaborate with various organizations to bring social services together with the aim of facilitating access to services for citizens, as citizens will not have to worry about seeking services but when they arrive at the Post Office and receive all the services they need.

"TPC continues to advertise more to raise public awareness about the services and businesses offered by the Organization in meeting their needs," he notes.

The other is to work with the community in solving various problems that affect the people in order to continue to maintain a positive image of the organization.

The corporation continues to support government development strategies by participating in various events/events organized by the government so that the organization can continue to bring productivity to the nation.

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