Traders extol Temeke MC   for installing waste bins

01Dec 2021
The Guardian
Traders extol Temeke MC   for installing waste bins

TRADERS at Stereo Market in Temeke Municipal Council in Dar es Salaam have thanked the municipality for installing the waste collection kits, the situation that reduces garbage accumulation in the area, thereby freeing them from risks of water-borne diseases.

By Omary Kabandika, UoI

In separate interviews, traders said that during the fruits season the garbage heaps could remain along the roads for many weeks without being collected for disposal.

One of the traders identified by only one name, Ramadhani said:

“Since the coming of Temeke District Commissioner Jokate Mwegelo, I see a good improvement in the garbage collection as compared to the past.

“The regulations are here in this market that the municipality is the one responsible for collecting garbage from the ditches and from other areas of high level of garbage production, but we, as traders, especially those selling tomatoes and vegetables have our own way of sanitary disposal in which we contribute 200 each,” another trader, Mama Khadija said.

However, the Temeke Municipal Market Health Officer said that the area is safe because every day the trenches are cleaned up as well as the areas around the traders.

He said: “Market traders have their own a way of garbage collection which we are do not interfere it because they form the garbage collection units according to what they are trading in and of which each one of them have pay 200/-.