War on substandard goods now to extend to district level – regulator

03Apr 2019
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War on substandard goods now to extend to district level – regulator

THE government has embarked on war against manufacturers who have shifted their businesses, mostly substandard goods, in rural areas to urban centres to avoid   law enforcers.


 Emmanuel Simon, an inspector from Tanzania Bureau of Standards, disclosed  in Dar es Salaam yesterday when speaking during an ongoing countrywide operations to collect samples of goods from markets and test them for quality.

Some samples were taken from the city at Kariakoo area, Mwenge, Chang’ombe, Kinyerezi and Gongo la Mboto, including water pipes, well pipes, tiles and cement.

He said the samples taken from the markets will be sent to TBS accredited laboratories to check whether they meet the required standards.

 “The test results will be issued between seven and 21 days, depending on type of a sample and all manufacturers would   be notified immediately”, he said.

Simon said noted that if the results test proved failure, the manufacturers  would be compelled to stop production of the faulty items  and    destroy  or return the cargo to the relevant countries of origin.

According to him,   similar operations  are being conducted in various regions countrywide to see whether manufacturers and food processors adhere to standards requirements.

 “Our main role is to protect consumers from purchasing substandard goods which are not good and some time increases costs,” he added.

He urged the public to buy products from certified and legally recognised outlets scattered all over the country. The new standard for maize flour in the country is TZS 328: 2016.

"There are many people in the country who are victims of substandard goods and we must take action to protect them,” Simon said.

He said his organisation will continue taking  stern measures against people who engaged in the importation and sale of substandard goods countrywide.

Standards Act No. 2 of 2009 states that TBS is mandated to promote standards, and in doing so it cannot compromise quality. It empowers the agency to suspend production or importation of any goods which abuse procedures.

Simon said inspectors from TBS would keep on combing markets by buying samples of various products and testing them for quality.

For his part, a trader from Kariakoo area identified as Solomon Mwalyambi , thanked the officials from Standards watchdog for visiting  them.

He asked government organs to conduct m ore inspections and awareness campaigns on substandard products in order to save the live of Tanzanians.

“I urge the government to continue conducting inspection operations and awareness ducation to consumers on the importance of quality marks”, he    said.

According to him, the problem of substandard goods was becoming worrisome and concerted efforts were needed to stop the horrible practice.



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