Young people urged to pursue leadership, management skill

28Jan 2020
Crispin Gerald
The Guardian
Young people urged to pursue leadership, management skill

THE private sector and employers in the country have been challenged to open more room for young people to pursue leadership and management skills in order to influence growth of economy.

Anthony Mavunde

Deputy minister of State in the Prime Minister's Office responsible for Policy, Parliamentary Affairs, Labour, Employment, Youth and the Disabled, Anthony Mavunde made the remarks over the weekend when speaking during  an event to receive public sector partners of the year awards hosted by the CEO Roundtable of Tanzania.

He said as the country is making efforts in developing its economy, there is a need to make sure that young people are equipped with skills and capacity able to take part in accelerating the country economy.

“I ask owners of companies and other private institutions to prepare conducive environments that will enable young people to acquire appropriate experience in leadership and management in order to be able to sit for CEO positions in the companies,” he said.

The deputy added that the government through the ministry responsible for youth development is working together with the CEO Roundtable of Tanzania to prepare young people to become the CEOs  of tomorrow.

“So far there are 16 young Tanzanians who are now pursuing leadership course which is provided at the Strathmore University in Kenya,”

“The goal is to make sure that more Tanzanians are able to sit in   higher positions in order to influence and facilitate economic development,” but also to become competitive in East and Central Africa in producing competitive youth for CEOs positions,” he said. 

Every year, the CEO Roundtable of Tanzania recognises the contribution of distinguished leaders in public service who have demonstrated strong support of the private sector in driving Tanzania’s development.

In 2019, the CEO Roundtable selected the Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister’s Office responsible for Policy, Parliamentary Affairs, Labour, Employment and Youth Development, Anthony Mavunde for his commitment and strong support of the CEOrt’s leadership initiative; the CEO Apprenticeship Programme (CAP).

“Throughout the year, Mavunde has been instrumental in helping to raise awareness of this leadership initiative and has publicly endorsed the programme on behalf of the CEO roundtable towards addressing Tanzania’s existing leadership gap,” said CEO executive director Santina Benson.

For his part, chairman for CEO Roundtable of Tanzania Sanyaj Rughani said the CAP is a leadership initiative designed to train talented Tanzanians through mentorship and coaching session, preparing them to become future CEOs.

He added that the programme is so important today in order to have people who can support the government efforts in becoming middle income county through industrial economy.

“Presence of competent leaders will help to influence the establishment of new businesses and companies in the country which will contribute at large to boost the economy,” he explained.

“As the CEOrt prepares to launch CAP Cohort 2 later this year, we look forward to working in close collaboration with government to identify aspiring government leaders to participate in CAP in order to ensure the programme embraces the important precepts of the Public Private Partnership (PPP),” Rughani said.

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