Your Social Media Presence is your digital CV

13Sep 2018
By Guardian Reporter
Dar es Salaam
The Guardian
Your Social Media Presence is your digital CV

YOUR outfit is ready,you have just the right experience or even more to it that perfectly fits the job requirements,a speedy out layed referees list ,your communication skills are up the sky and eventually the suitable kind of confidence one wears when they are aware that their performance will

Literally,you are so outrightly presentable to the extent that your presence will still linger in the minds of those present at the panel and probably remain deeply imprinted on the HRs meddula oblongata for quite awhile after you walk out of that interview room.

You are well prepared for the interview and it’s not a bad thing.

Infact that should be the day you ought to give your best shot.

This is a typical interview preparation for anyone who’s eager to smash those interview questions and ultimately bring the award home – the job.

However impressive your resume may look,how immaculate and neat your outfits are , however confident you may seem, your efforts will still be deemed futile if you have a controversial social media presence.

Shoking right?
For today’s organisation, image is everything, and the last thing an employer wants is an employee that will make the company look bad and unfortunately, what you may not have realized is that personal things you enjoy doing on social media may have unintended consequences.

Your facebook account, Twitter timeline, Instagram photos and Snapchat could be what is standing between you and that terrific job.

One Facebook post, a single tweet or a tagged picture may be enough to keep you unemployed literally!

Essentially, social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn give the public a glimpse into your personality and it's highly important to regulate what’s being posted and to consider social media as only a tool for positive utiliazation.

Ever wondered why the interview might have gone smoothly and you walk out of that room with high hopes of landing the job but to your utter surprise you realise that you were’nt even shortlisted.

You only get a brief text message ..”thank you for showing up for the interview, but sorry, you did not make it to the shortlist”.

You sit down, head reeling, wondering what you did not do right.

It may seem trivial or even insignificant, but your social media presence could be your greatest undoing while approaching that interview room for that job you’ve been praying for.

In todays' digital world of employment,what you post,what you like,share and retweet plus those you follow and your entire timeline activity lives an nonerasable digital footprint on your name as an individual and as a future employee.

Isn't that what we could refer to as digital legacy?which will remain there forever even though you won't be around anymore.Well,an employer ,recruiter or whatever in that case,will use those digital footprints you left behind to make their decisions.

It's easier said than done but well,a personal image matters regardless online or physically.

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