Firm embarks on a project to impart agricultural skills for youthful

24Oct 2020
Getrude Mbago
Dar es Salaam
Firm embarks on a project to impart agricultural skills for youthful

​​​​​​​A DAR ES SALAAM based- ‘Malembo Farms Organisation’ has embarked on a project aimed to capacitate secondary and college students on smart agriculture so as to prepare have positive mindset on commercial farming.

​​​​​​​Lucas Malembo.

Lucas Malembo, managing director of the organisation said that the project is aimed to ensure that more young graduates employment themselves in agriculture and thus fight employment crisis in the country.

In an interview with The Guardian recently Malembourged the government and education institutions to incorporate agriculture in primary schools curriculums and thus train the children intensively on smart farming.

“We provide them proper skills and right information over the agriculture and its whole value chain, Malembo Farm see it very important to re-introduce agriculture subject in schools to enable students get extra skills while in school, which would help them after completing school,” he said.

According to him, having more youth who engage in agriculture would earn them and raise economy of not only their families but also the nation.

Statistics show that each year 900,000 young Tanzanians enter the job market that is generating only 50,000 to 60,000 new jobs.

He said that the country needs to undergo youth mindset transformation to change negative perceptions towards agriculture in a bid to attract more youths in agribusiness undertakings, a move that will curb the current unemployment challenge.

According to him, this can be done through provision of education to youth on entrepreneurship initiatives through training, practical field work and making an easy access to capital through provision of loans with lower interest rates and grants to attract their effective involvement in the agribusiness.

“Our organization is doing its best to change youth mindset, we have training a number of young people in the country who managed to transform their lives, so I hope if these efforts will be accelerated, the country could witness rapid change of the sector,” he said.

He said that the programme has started with Advanced-Level and university students and plans are underway to bring it down to primary school pupils.

The training classes are usually conducted during weekends and on weekdays when schools are closed for leave and students spend about two hours a day for the training.

“During the training students are taken through technical knowhow on growing vegetables and fruits for commercial purposes, poultry farming as well as entrepreneurship education,” he said.

One of the project beneficiaries, Sheila Kambi, a Form-Six student at Benjamin Mkapa High School has started capitalizing on agriculture while she looks ahead for joining higher education.

“My expectation from this practical-oriented training on agri-business is to get skills that would help me create my own job instead of depending on being employed,” she said.

Sheila believes that the engaging in agribusiness would make her overcome the challenge of unemployment when completes higher education.

Despite her busy schedule in class, Sheila still finds time to pursue agri-business short course offered by the Malembo Farms agri-business consulting firm.

Early this year, Malembo Farms Organisation in collaboration with other stakeholders embarked on a new project dubbed ‘NdotoYangu’ which is aimed at to capacitate higher learning students on self-employment, particularly in agri-business.

The project aimed to cover six regions, where over 70 universities will be reached in a new push to curb unemployment crisis in the country.