JPM confers with close Merkel aide

25Feb 2020
The Guardian Reporter
Dar es Salaam
The Guardian
JPM confers with close Merkel aide

​​​​​​​PRESIDENT John Magufuli yesterday met with the German Chancellor’s Personal Representative for Africa, Günter Nooke where they agreed to continue strengthening the two countries’ historical relations for mutual benefit.

President John Magufuli holds talks at State House in Dar es Salaam yesterday with German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s envoy for Africa, Guenter Nooke. Photo: State House

In the meeting at the State House in Dar es Salaam, Nooke presented a message from the Chancellor Angela Merkel and commended the government’s efforts in fighting corruption and intensifying economic growth.

He said Tanzania has made a lot of development strides compared to previous years.

He assured the government that Germany will continue cooperating with Tanzania in various sectors including investment, trade and boosting social services.

Dr Magufuli also assured the Chancellor’s envoy that the government   will continue strengthening the bilateral and historical ties, welcoming investors from Germany to invest in various productive sectors.

In the meeting, Nooke was accompanied by the German ambassador to Tanzania, Regine Hess – meanwhile as President Magufuli later met with Kenyan lawyer and renowned pan-Africanist, Prof Patrick Lumumba.

During the meeting they discussed various issues concerning Africa’s development and various efforts taken to strengthen regional economies.

Dr Magufuli hailed Prof Lumumba for being open in criticizing and advising African countries on the best ways towards development.

He said Prof Lumumba has been openly outlining mistakes done by African countries thus thwarting economic, political and social development.

He also explained various development strategies taken by the Fifth Phase government to strengthen the country’s economy.

“I have never met you before, but I have been seeing you through media networks and I am really impressed by what you are doing for the sake of Africa. I am also happy that you speak positively and wish well about Africa,” the president affirmed.

Prof Lumumba on his side thanked President Magufuli for taking time to talk to him and for the tireless efforts he takes to fight for Tanzania’s development.

“Africa should now learn from Tanzania. There are a lots of things to learn including the protection of natural resources, restoring diligence in the public service, intensifying economic growth, fighting corruption and economic sabotage among other things,” the noted Kenyan academic and activist intoned.