Kagera Sugar gaze into relegation pool

19Jan 2016
Mohammed Ugasa
The Guardian
Kagera Sugar gaze into relegation pool

TWO wins, three draws and nine losses after 14 appearances is completely not the brand of statistics befitting Bukoba-based Kagera Sugar, that used to claim ‘giant killers’ tag for uncountable seasons.

Kagera Sugar

Submerged into the Mainland premiership’s dreadful relegation shockwaves with no sign of shrugging off this undesirable tag, is a situation that fans in Bukoba would not be proud of, they never imagined to experience. However, this is now for real!

Is departure of coach Jackson Mayanja directly linked with what is happening for this premiership side that used to end seasons within top six or four?

Is the change of venue from Kaitaba to Ali Hassan Mwinyi Stadium in Tabora associated with this poor performance curse?

Should fans in Bukoba lose hope for this team which used to give them an opportunity to host top flight sides visiting the kaitaba Stadium for decades now?

Shocking as it is, Kagera Sugar will be an unusual relegation candidate at the end of the season if nothing will be done to rescue the team as the second half of the season gets underway next week.

Though the relegation pool is still wide open for other teams like Ndanda, African Sports, Coastal Union and Majimaji, none of these can match the quality Kagera Sugar had during its era in the premiership fleet.

No team deserves the right of relegation tag but this position for Kagera Sugar leaves much to be desired particularly for the fans in Bukoba where premiership soccer has been their part of life.

Probably staying away from home as a result of prolonged astral turf installation on their Kaitaba Stadium backyard might be one of the reasons for wobbling in the league. However, the team is also troubled to secure victories for matches played away from the Ali Hassan Mwinyi Stadium.
African Sports and Ndanda are also floating on the same relegation waves waded by Kagera sugar but these teams are struggling to match with the turbulences of the premiership.

African Sports has just gained promotion into the top flight berth and so is Ndanda that has the second season on their doorstep.

While Kagera Sugar is struggling to avoid relegation, Shinyanga based top flight sides of Stand United and Mwadui have shown maturity to match with the pace of the premiership. Fifth-placed in the standings table is Stand United that gained promotion into the premiership berth just the previous season. Stand has so far won eight matches, drew once and lost the rest in 14 appearances to stay far from the relegation zone. In fact, the touts in Shinyanga are just eleven points adrift of pacemakers Yanga and Azam teams.

With debut season, Mwadui are just enjoying the sweets of the premiership to stay on the first half of the standings with 22 point to their collection.

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