Malawi basketball side arrive for trials in Dar

22Jan 2016
Japheth Kazenga
The Guardian
Malawi basketball side arrive for trials in Dar

MALAWI basketball outfit of Bricks is expected to confront winners of the last year's Basketball Kitaa tournament, Eastern Zone One of Tanzania, in two international friendly matches in Dar es Salaam this weekend.

One of Basketball Kitaa tournament's coordinators, Mkwabi Juma, said on Wednesday the friendlies will involve two outfits from Malawi and as many form hosts.

Juma mentioned Malawi's other club as Reject, while the other Tanzanian outfit is Western Zone Three.

He said Bricks will play Eastern Zone One in another game, which will be preceded by the match between Western Zone Three and Reject.
Juma mentioned Bricks' players as Chrispine Makaka, Wehizani Chingota, Derciop Mriote, Manny Bessy, Laster Kacheche, Chikondi Mwendea and Dumisani Kwinya.

Other players are Atusaye Mulagha, Adam Kara, Peter Charula, Rex Mgunda, Fletcher Mtawali and Victor Fere.

Reject players who will take part in the international friendlies are Felix Phatula, Mwiza Msiska, Obed Nyirongo, Ulemu Khonyongwa, David Alfred and Alfred Emmanuel.

Other players are Phiri Brian, Nyirenda, Ulemu Kumwenda, Limbani Chiumia and Aggrey Nyirenda.

Juma said the international friendlies have been organised by Basketball Kitaa for the second time.

Basketball Kitaa organised the friendlies for the first time last year, in which Reject played two games against Tanzania's outfits of Mbezi and Jogoo.

Western Zone Three's coach, Kablola Shomari, said his side has prepared well for the game against Rejects.

Shomari mentioned Western Zone Three's players who will take part in the game as Mopele Baraka, Stephan Mshana, Isack Masoud, Gwalugano John, Ashraf Harun and George Tarimo.

Other players are Kayumba Maregesi, Ramadhani Shaaban, Anthony Jeikanga, Harun Saringo, Jacob Marenga and Amin Mkosa.

The side's top player, Harun, said they have trained together for a long time and are ready to take on Reject.

“We have been together for long time and we understand each other. We are a formidable team that is capable of beating Reject,” he said.

Eastern Zone One's coach, Mwenze Kabinda, disclosed his team has prepared adequately for the games, noting the team will win the games convincingly.
"We are keen on recording resounding victories in every game we have been scheduled to take part in," Kabinda said.

Kabinda mentioned some of players who will form his squad as Ladislaus Ikungura, Dennis Chibura, Evance Davids and Chris Abutu.

Ikungura, one of Eastern Zone One's dependable players, praised Basketball Kitaa for the latter’s efforts to raise the standard of the game at the domestic level.

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