Minister gives Mwanza RC 48 hours altimatum

12Jan 2016
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Minister gives Mwanza RC 48 hours altimatum

THE Deputy Minister in the Vice-President's Office (Union and Environment), Luhaga Mpina yesterday gave the Mwanza Regional Commissioner, Magesa Mulongo 48-hours ultimatum to provide thorough explanations as why the Rock City was filthy.

THE Deputy Minister in the Vice-President's Office (Union and Environment), Luhaga Mpina

Wrapping up his two-day visit in Mwanza, the minister said: “Mwanza is dirty and this is because of some public officials who failed to execute their duties and the RC Mulongo should be responsible and by provide thorough explanation on this matter.”
He gave 48-hours for the RC to provide reasons as why Mwanza was the dirtiness city and “this is caused by public officials who are not playing their roles.”
Mpina said he visited the Mwaloni Kirumba International Fish market and he couldn’t believe what he saw.
The minister also expressed concerns over the deplorable sanitation in Mwanza city’s main abattoir that threatens the health of consumers and poses risk for the outbreak of epidemics.
“I want know as to why the RC was not taking steps on the situation, which contributed to the outbreak of cholera in Mwanza,” Mpina said.
Consumers there say the filthy conditions at Nyakato abattoir, the city’s main meat supplier, threatens their safety citing clogged drainages and stench at the abattoir that slaughters 200 cows and 150 goats every day.
A recent survey carried-out by this paper at the abattoir confirmed the appalling state of the facility including clogged sewage, lack of clean and safe water and lack of toilets.
One of the abattoir attendants, Joshua Alphonce confirmed that the abattoir had neither water nor toilets.
“The situation here is terrible because there is now water,” he said “... this is what led to the clogging of the drainage and nobody seems to be responsible,” he added.
“The lack of toilet facilities makes things worse,” the source said.
When contacted, the Mwanza City Council Director, Adam Mgoyi confirmed on the poor state of the Nyakato abattoir and also blamed it on the shortage of water.
He said his authority would soon build an ultra-modern abattoir that goes with the current era and technology.
“But, Nyakato will be rehabilitated so that it continues to serve its purposes,” the official said but fell short of specifying when the rehabilitation will be done and what measures will be taken in the interim to ensure public safety.
This year, the Tanzania Food and Drugs Authority (TFDA) in the Lake zone has already closed down the Nyakato abattoir three times raising questions as why it was reopened without toilets, water and proper sewage.

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