MPs, local authorities ordered to submit list of land conflicts

27Jan 2016
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MPs, local authorities ordered to submit list of land conflicts

All Members of Parliament have been tasked to submit a list of land conflicts in their various constituencies to the Minister for Lands, Housing and Human Settlement Development, William Lukuvi.

Minister for Lands and Housing Development, William Lukuvi (r)

The minister has also instructed local government authorities to do the same ahead of his set up of a special team of experts to scrutinize the nature of the conflicts and come up with a lasting solution.

Speaking yesterday in parliament, the minister agreed that there are several land conflicts in the country especially pertaining villages that border forest and game reserves. Similarly, conflicts between farmers and pastoralists that have been recurring and claim lives of many innocent people.

“The new government is determined to end land conflicts once and for all after getting a full list of the trouble areas across the country” said Lukuvi.

The minister was responding to supplementary questions posed by various legislators who cited land conflicts in their constituencies.

Earlier while asking the main question, the Kigamboni MP, Dr Faustine Ndugulile (CCM) demanded a detailed explanation on how the government plans to end land conflicts in the country.

He also challenged the government to detail strategies to ensure urban development is in line with rate of population growth in towns. Responding, deputy minister of Lands, Housing and Human Settlements Development,
Angellina Mabula reminded the MP that the National Land Use Framework Plan 2013-2033 clearly spells out both village and city development strategies.

Nonetheless, she admitted that in recent years, there has been what she described as ‘serious number of people moving to urban areas,’ and this she also acknowledge causes more challenges to development efforts.

She explained to the legislators that the master plan for Dar es Salaam, Arusha and Mwanza cities and other towns like Mtwara, Musoma, Iringa, Bariadi, Bagamoyo, Kibaha and Shinyanga are in their final stages and would be complete before August this year.

While, the Master plans for Tanga, Singida,Tabora, Songea, Morogoro, Sumbawanga, Geita, Njombe and Mpanda are still in their initial stages.