2021 Beacon International Cancer Summit kicks off in Zanzibar

04Dec 2021
Angel Navuri
The Guardian
2021 Beacon International Cancer Summit kicks off in Zanzibar

The 2021 Beacon International Cancer Summit (BICS) kicks off today in Zanzibar under the theme Cancer Care in the Era of Advanced Therapeutics.

The Summit is being organized by BEACON Medicare Limited a globally most popular Bangladeshi company for its innovative, Hi-Tech & newer products specially for Cancer, Hepatitis & diabetes treatment.The aim is to unite cancer care professionals to improve quality exchanging latest information and innovative ideas in cancer treatments.

Key objectives of the summit is to creating an open platform to discuss the best practices in cancer treatment, sharing knowledge and experience of using advanced medications in cancer management , capacity building in cancer carethrough networking and collaboration and building awareness for early detection of cancer.

The summit program will feature interactive education sessions that will be ledby high level cancer experts these includes molecular marker based treatment inlung cancer, role of immunotherapy in lung cancer treatment, ensuringadvanced treatment for cancer patients in Africa.

Others are changing paradigms in HCC treatment, role of immunotherapy ingastroesophageal and colorectal cancer, evolution of immunotherapy in non-hodgkin lymphoma a case based approach and optimizing management ofadvanced prostate cancer.

According to reports every year, cancer is responsible for millions of deathsworldwide and, even though much progress has been achieved in medicine,there are still many issues that must be addressed in order to improve cancertherapy.

For this reason, BEACON Medicare Limited is putting a lot of effort towardsfinding new and efficient therapies which can alleviate critical side effectscaused by conventional treatments. Different technologies are currently underevaluation in clinical trials or have been already introduced into clinicalpractice.

Cancer is an emerging health problem in Africa that needs to be addressedappropriately in order to control for increased incidence and mortality rates.Ithas been suggested that by 2030 there will be a 70% increase in new cancercases due to population growth and aging.

BEACON has brought together over 100 oncology professionals from 7countries under one roof.