Blue Economy: Zanzibar launches deep sea fishing

21Aug 2021
The Guardian Reporter
Dar es Salaam
The Guardian
Blue Economy: Zanzibar launches deep sea fishing

THE government of Zanzibar has conducted its first deep sea fishing in the newly launched blue economy drive as it awaits new vessels for effective but sustainable harvesting of marine resources.

The ship operated by anti-smuggling squad (KMKM) successfully conducted the trial activity and returned to the islands yesterday with more than five tonnes of fish to a rapturous welcome.

 Speaking at the receiving ceremony here, head of KMKM Commodore Azana Msingiri said the success of the first deep sea fishing signifies better future in the blue economy initiative.

“The size, type and quality of the catch qualify for sale in the international market and we will do just that,” he said.

 He said that companies, intermediaries or individuals interested in purchasing the fish for resale in international market may visit KMKM offices for price negotiation and sale.

Head of patrol at KMKM, Hussein Ali Mwinyi said the success of the operation is good news considering the fact that weather in the sea was rough when it was being undertaken.

“Weather was bad in the ocean yet we managed to catch enough fish; this is really good news,” he enthused.

This success was registered at a time when the Union government is processing the procurement of eight state-of-the-art vessels for deep sea fishing, four of which will be stationed in Zanzibar.

Dr Rashid Tamatamah, the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries in charge of the fisheries sector, said back in March that the ship purchasing also focuses on creating employment opportunities from marine products.

Developing the blue economy is set out in the Zanzibar Vision 2020-2050, designed to tap into the use of sea resources for economic growth, by sustainable methods.

Upon taking office late last year, President Dr Hussein Mwinyi pledged to turn around Zanzibar by heavily investing in the blue economy, thus in pursuing this objective, he created the Blue Economy and Fisheries portfolio.

Blue or sea economy entails the fishing sector, fish farming, establishing fish processing factories, seaweed farming, oil and gas drilling and the utilisation of various marine resources as well as seashore tourism.