Hasunga issues14-day ultimatum to CPB to clear all cashew nut farmers

01Aug 2020
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Hasunga issues14-day ultimatum to CPB to clear all cashew nut farmers

Agriculture Minister Japhet Hasunga has given 14-day ultimatum to the director general of Cereals and Other Produce Board of Tanzania (CPB) Dr Anselm Moshi to clear all arrears it owes cashew nut farmers for the 2018/2019 season.

Hasunga made the directives when he visited the board offices in the city of Arusha on Thursday. The minister said that in 2018, the board was tasked to buy cashew nuts on behalf of  the government and CPB was given them money to do so, but it hasn’t cleared the arrears it owed to farmers.

“That’s why I task the board to clear all the arrears within 14 days from now. I don’t want to hear any complaints from farmers anymore. Make sure all farmers are paid their monies as soon as possible,” the minister stressed.

In the visit, Hasunga also asked the CPB director general to present the action plan on how cereal crops processing factories will be working to produce products that meet customers’ demand and government’s expectations. The plan should also include the number of staff that will be required.

The minister also directed local private firm known as 'Monaban Trading and Farming Company,' which was operating at the Arusha-based storage facilities and grain processing plant of National Milling Corporation to remove all its properties as the case on the matter was completed.

While at the factory, Hasunga discovered that some of the plants are dilapidated, calling for the responsible authorities to refurbish the building starting this month instead of October as it was planned.

“We cannot wait until October. We’ll be too late because rains will be on our way something that will restrain us from refurbishing this facility,” he said.

The idea of the government, he said is to revive all the defunct factories so that they are used to add value of cereal crops before taking them into the international markets.

CPB is a public institution established through the Cereals and Other Produce Act No.19 of 2009 to provide for promotion and development of cereals and other agricultural produce and to provide for other related matter.

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