JPM skeptical of vaccines, advocates herbal remedies

28Jan 2021
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Dar es Salaam
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JPM skeptical of vaccines, advocates herbal remedies

PRESIDENT John Magufuli yesterday expressed skepticism on vaccines fronted by foreign entities to curb health challenges in Tanzania, and instead pushed for local solutions.

Speaking in Chato District, Geita Region, during the official launch of Silayo Forest Plantation, the president said there are more questions than answers in the commitment of the global vaccine industry to save Africans and the world from diseases.

Citing the Covid-19 pandemic, Dr Magufuli discouraged embracing various vaccines being developed and rolled out, instead calling on Tanzanians to go for traditional remedies such as steam inhalation.

“If they (vaccine developers) were genuine; they would have already brought us vaccines for HIV, cancer, TB and malaria. Be careful with things that are brought from outside; don’t think they love you that much,” he told the gathering.

He wanted Tanzanians to stay fearless and continue taking preventive measures such as steam inhalation so as to remain safe.

President Magufuli reemphasized that; the country will not go into lockdown in whatever situation but will rather promote the use of natural remedies so as to fight the disease.

“We will not go into lockdown because of corona, we have a living God to help us, let us continue praying as well as taking preventive measures,” he declared.

He told the Ministry of Health, Community Development, Gender, Elders and Children not to agree on every vaccine proposal brought before them because others are harmful to the nation.

He cited an example that “there is a certain country which vaccinated its young girls so as to prevent cervical cancer, but it was later found that the vaccine was meant to bar the girls from conceiving. So all these are lessons for us,” he asserted.

 “As the majority of people across the globe are indoors, Tanzanians should work hard to produce enough food to sell in those countries with a high demand for food supplies. So we have to invest heavily in our farms, produce enough for local consumption as well as for export,” he said.

Experts have frequently been advising the public to avoid unnecessary gatherings, practice self-isolation   to remain safe during this time when the world struggles to battle the spread of the flu-like Covid-19 outbreak.

Speaking on the launched forest, President Magufuli commended the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism for establishing the forest, one of the biggest forests in the country.

The area had become bare due to deforestation but the tree plantation has now changed the area’s ecology, he said, praising efforts done by the ministry and the Tanzania Forest Services (TFS).

As part of recognition for their dedication, the farm will be named after the TFS Conservation Commissioner, Dos Santos Silayo “who has worked hard to reforest this area. So it will now be known as Silayo Forest,” he said.

He said the forest industry makes a huge contribution in the country’s development and it has employed over one million people.

“This is why the government has set a number of strategies to promote conservation. Tree farming has improved lives of Tanzanians harvesting and selling tree products such as timber, thus improving their income,” he stated.

Earlier, Prof Silayo said the establishment of the farm will increase production of tree raw materials and products.

“We conducted research and found that the country still has a deficiency of tree products. That’s why we decided to come up with a special programme to establish more large tree farms across the country,” he more on

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