Mkenda suspends Lindi cooperatives registrar over abuse of office

19May 2021
The Guardian Reporter
The Guardian
Mkenda suspends Lindi cooperatives registrar over abuse of office

AGRICULTURE minister Prof Adolf Mkenda has suspended the regional registrar for cooperatives in Lindi, Edmund Masawe over accusations of abuse of office.

Addressing a press conference yesterday, the minister said that he has directed Dr Benson Ndiege, the Registrar of Cooperatives to implement the directive.

The regional official is said to have pushed Umoja Agricultural Marketing Co-operative Societies (AMCOS) in the region to hire a warehouse for storing cashew nuts while they have their own facilities for the purpose.

The minister also asked Dr Diege “to examine himself for failing to advise on the matter during a meeting with the Amcos groups which took place on 2nd May 2021,” he stated, l affirming that Dr Diege was directed to offer his advice on a project by 32 cooperatives in Kilimanjaro Region but he did not do so.

“The director of cooperatives thinks am joking, he thinks I cannot fire him, I am going to make changes at the cooperatives commission,” said Prof Mkenda.

The minister placed the country’s cooperatives registrar on observation and directed that he gives the advice as requested by May, 17.

Minister Mkenda said he has been given the powers to lead the ministry of Agriculture to strengthen the cooperative unions in the country so that they are beneficial to farmers.

The minister explained the various steps taken by the government to contain the invasion of desert locusts saying the government has done a great job in collaboration with those from the regions and districts.

He said the government sprayed Fenitrothion using four helicopters and other motorized sprayers to control a swarm of locusts that have invaded various districts of Kilimanjaro and Arusha regions.

Desert Locusts were first reported to have entered into the country on 19 February this year in Mwanga district and later scattered to some areas of Same and Simanjiro in Manyara Region.

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