Monitor children’s use of internet, parents told

16Oct 2021
The Guardian
Monitor children’s use of internet, parents told

PARENTS and guardians have been advised to closely monitor their children when using the internet in order to control what they watch and share on social media platforms which may lure them into victim of sexual abuse.

Chief Executive Officer of Humuliza a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO), Victor Nestory made the call during the week when commemorating the International Day of the Girl Child, a day declared by the United Nations Organisation, to amplify the voices of young girls and increase awareness of issues affecting them.

Addressing participants at the symposium, Nestory stated that young girls are victim of sexual abuse which results to early pregnancies and marriages which he said kills their life potentials.

He pointed out that according to the theme of this year, “Digital generation is our generation” online sharing has occasioned friendship which is established over an extended period, explaining that the offender (the grown person) is ultimately able to get the victim (a girl) to agree to sexual activities.

“Sometimes, sexual abuses are filmed and shared online, resulting to victims’ embarrassment and become psychological torture,” he emphasized.

One of the participants noted the digital benefits when used appropriately, as children and youth can access reproductive health education through online lessons.

Humuliza was founded in 1997 to give psychological assistance to community and vulnerable children, operating in 38 wards of Muleba District.

The organisation runs a youth club programme in primary and secondary schools to teach them skills and six character pillars of truthfulness, respect, accountability, fairness, caring and citizenship.

It has given out and continually collects school supplies and sanitary pads to reach 14,000 school girls in 151 primary schools.

The NGO now engages in distributing hand sanitizers and face masks to schools and the general community in the effort of creating awareness to the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic, while mobilising people to take precautions of getting vaccinated.

According to experts, it is important to address the problems encountered by girl children by focusing and sticking to Early Childhood Development Interventions for 0 to eight years children, as the brain grows starting before birth into early childhood at eight years, the time when they first learn to interact with peers, parents and teachers and begin to develop interest in future life.