Porters and tour guides urged  to form unions

18Feb 2019
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  Porters and tour guides urged  to form unions

DEPUTY Minister for Natural Resources and Tourism Constantine Kanyasu has advised porters and tour guides to form two strong unions that will safeguard their interests instead of having multiple associations as it is the case currently.

Kanyasu also directed tourism companies to pay the porters and tourist guides according to the law after the company claimed that the payments cannot be sustained.

According to the law, tourist guides are paid not less than US$20 per day while the porter is supposed to be paid not less than US$10 per day.

The deputy minister also called upon the porters and the guides to issue information on the companies that do not pay them so that they are deregistered for violating the law.

Kanyasu made the remarks during stakeholders meeting when he toured the Mount Kilimanjaro National Park to hear various challenges that are facing the sector.

“There is no way you have all this kind of associations totalling eight doing the same job and then expect good results.

One of the porters, Daniel Maro said they are being underpaid by some companies where they are given 5000/- to 8000/- per day instead of 20000/- as required by the law.

He said the payments were very small compared to the hardships that they go through and that those who dare to question have been terminated.

In another development, Kanyasu has directed the College of African Wildlife Management (Mweka) to ensure that they distribute the wildlife management syllabus to other colleges such as the National Tourism College and the Vocational Education Training Authority (VETA) to offer opportunities to various people to study the courses instead of the current situation whereby they are forced to study at Mweka College alone.

The minister promised that he will work on the matters and challenges facing them.

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