Chinese investments generate  87,000 jobs  

20Apr 2019
Getrude Mbago
The Guardian
  Chinese investments generate  87,000 jobs  

CHINA’S investment projects in Tanzania for the year 2017 created more than 87,000 job opportunities benefiting mostly young locals who were grappling for employment for years.

minister of State in the Prime Minister's Office, Investment Angellah KairukI.

The Chinese ambassador in the country Wang Ke revealed this during the closure of the Tanzania-China High-Level Investment and Business Environment Dialogue in Dar es Salaam on Wednesday.

Organised collaboratively by the Prime Minister’s Office, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and East African Cooperation and the Chinese Embassy, the dialogue brought together over 200 Chinese companies as well as government entities to discuss and hear views on the Tanzania’s investment climate.

“Official data of Tanzania shows that as of 2017, China’s investment projects in Tanzania totaled 6 billion US dollars (about 15tri/-) created more than 87,000 job opportunities, surpassing the United Kingdom to be the largest investor in the country,” She noted.

The envoy said that said that the Tanzania-China economic cooperation has been rapidly growing and reached an unprecedented scale.

“The today’s Dialogue stands as a proof of the determination and strong desire of the Tanzanian government to deliver its promise and improve the investment environment,” she said.

She said that China is willing to work together with Tanzania in opening the door of communication, carrying forward the concept of practicality, maintaining positive interaction and taking the initiative in offering advice, so as to jointly push for breakthroughs in China-Tanzania economic and trade cooperation, especially in the field of investment and financing.

The envoy further called upon the government to pay special attention to the issues raised by Chinese companies related to investment policies and laws.

She also wanted the labor and immigration departments to focus on the pursuits of enterprises regarding the application for residence permits. The tax authority should also concentrate on resolving problems in tax payments, tax refunds, tax rates and other tax-related problems.

During the dialogue minister of State in the Prime Minister's Office, Investment Angellah Kairuki said Tanzania enjoy deep-rooted traditional friendship for over a half decade promising that the government of Tanzania will always be there to support and facilitate smooth operation of investors in the country.

According to her, the Tanzanian government has recognized the challenges faced by foreign investors, including Chinese investors vowing that the government will actively continue to formulate favorable investment policies and a friendly regulatory framework to provide more convenience and create an attractive business environment for foreign investment.

“We will tirelessly work to find durable solutions for all the challenges thwarting investments development in the country,” she said.

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