Turkey firm shows interest to set  up  sunflower factory in Zanziba

19Apr 2019
The Guardian Reporter
The Guardian
  Turkey firm shows interest to set  up  sunflower factory in Zanziba

THE international sunflower oil manufacturing company—Alemdar of Turkey has shown interest to construct a factory in Zanzibar.

The company’s senior official, Fatma Atala said the decision to invest in a sunflower oil processing factory is in-line with the government’s industrialisation endavour.

She made the remarks yesterday when a delegation from Turkey which was led by Alemdar Company chairman, Oktay Alemder met and held talks with Zanzibar’s Second Vice President, Ambassador, Seif Ali Iddi.

She said that the programme will closely engage sunflower farmers encouraging them to chip in the sector.

Sunflower crop and its oil have huge potential inside and outside the country so what is needed is commitment of the government, investors and farmers.

For his part, Zanzibar Second Vice-President, Amb Seif Ali Iddi assured the Turkish investors of full support from the government during their stay in the country.

He called on both local and foreigner investors to grab the opportunity for the sunflower farming and production as the country was implementing its industrialisation agenda.

He advised the investors to prepare applications and submit them to Zanzibar Investment Promotion Authority (ZIPA) for further steps including procedures to acquire land and other permits.

Recently, the executive director of the Agricultural Non State Actors Forum (ANSAF) Audax Rukonge said that Tanzania spends at least 400bn/- per year to import edible oil in the country, an amount which even exceeds the annual agriculture budget.

According to him, if the country could wake up and decide to invest in research, quality seeds and technology, millions of Tanzanians could enjoy better life and forget about all hurdles of poverty.

He cited sunflower as among the crop which the country needs to invest more saying that many farmers were still locked away from the potentials that comes from the crop because they lack quality seeds.

The sentiments are also aired  by the Tanzania Private Sector (TPSF) Survey it conducted in 2017 showing that sunflower crop had the potential to reduce the current edible oil import of up to 80 per cent and lift 13 million people out of poverty if required resources are availed for investment.

It said that the nation has huge potentials to produce litres of oil from sunflower, cotton seeds and many other plants so what is mostly needed is national determination to invest in the sector.