Addressing the impacts of climate change in the country

11May 2019
Crispin Gerald
The Guardian
 Addressing the impacts of climate change in the country

CIVIL Society Organizations (CSOs) have vowed to convene a dialogue with local government authorities as part of efforts towards addressing the impacts of climate change in the country.

Speaking during a one-day workshop on CSOs learning alliance on Wednesday in Dar es Salaam, Director for Forum CC, Rebecca Muna said local government authorities are potential in fostering the initiatives as they experience the impact of climate change directly.

She said Dar es Salaam is among other cities in the country that are overwhelmed by poor sewerage systems that fail to accommodate rain water thus ending on causing floods and destruction of infrastructures.

“To address the problem, we have decided to find a modality for having a dialogue with local government leaders in order to find a workable mechanism for addressing the impact of climate change,” said Muna.

The director added that by working together they will both provide opportunity for CSOs and government to set plans, strategies, and priorities for implementation of climate change agenda.

According  to her, working together will also help to increase the understanding of local government leaders on issues of climate change.

The workshop under the project titled “Accountable Climate Actions and finance Transparency Initiative (ACATI)” is implemented by Forum CC in partnership with European Union (EU).

It aims at strengthening the capacity of national and local CSOs to advocate and engage the government to act responsibly and collaborate in relation to environment and climate resilience.

It enhances the capacity of CSOs to mobilize communities, inform them of their rights to participate and demand for transparency and access to services from their respective local government authorities.

The workshop brought on board various CSOs from Dar es Salaam to share experience and develop new strategies for working with government towards addressing climate change.

Masalu Luhula from Tanzania Natural Resource Forum (TNRF) applauded the move saying it will help to foster the ongoing initiatives for addressing the impact of climate change especially in Dar es Salaam.

He said there is also a need for government and stakeholders to sit and review the environmental policy, identify the gaps and weakness that retard the initiative to control climate change and to amend it in order to yield better results.

“Dialogue among key players should be the first priority instead of confrontation,” he insisted.

Sharing experience, program manager for Tanzania Gender Networking Programme (TGNP) Deo Temba, said that local government authorities have been supportive to understand and respond on several issues that are raised by CSOs.

He added that the CSOs are supposed to provide awareness to citizen at grassroots level to understand the concept of climate change, its impact and how to control it.

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