DRC Social Fund hails TASAF’s programmes

19Feb 2019
Getrude Mbago
The Guardian
 DRC Social Fund hails TASAF’s programmes

OFFICIALS from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) Social Fund have hailed the implementation of the Tanzania Social Action Fund (TASAF) saying that it is among the best and pioneer programmes in ending poverty.

Tanzania Social Action Fund (TASAF)

The delegates who visited the country to learn more on the implementation of the social projects were impressed on how TASAF is doing to uplift the living standards of the rural-based poor populations.

Speaking recently during the visit to witness progress of poor households at Vikuge village in Kibaha District, Coast Region the director of DRC Social Fund (FSRDC) Ruphin BO Elongo said Tanzania was a country which should be emulated when it comes to the implementation of social protection projects.

According to him, the same project is being implemented in DRC but they have been shocked on how Tanzania has managed to succeed especially the cash transfers.

“What has been achieved is very remarkable and it’s great enough for other nations to learn from…We have learnt a lot in this visit and we will apply the experiences and techniques back home,” he said.

He noted that, for instance, that the programme had improved access to health care, school enrolment increased nutritional levels among beneficiary households, among other gains something which should be commended.

Presenting an implantation report, TASAF coordinator for Coast Region Asha Itewele said that from January 2014 to December 2018, she received 29.bn/- for the poor households.

She said that through the established Productive Social Safety Net (PSSN) in Tasaf III beneficiaries participate in public works such as putting up infrastructures in the area of education, health and water to improve social services and earn extra- income through the salaries they receive after work.

Itewele added that Tasaf did not only provide funds to the beneficiaries but also links the beneficiaries to employment projects but also enable them establish community savings and investments groups where TASAF boosts them with funds.

Halima Kibavu, one of the beneficiaries at the village said that the project had become an ideal vehicle for poverty alleviation by engaging poor households into income generating activities thus improving their welfare.

According to her, the cash transfers had improved food security at her home and other household level as beneficiaries use part of cash benefits to start farming while keeping on with other businesses.

“The funds and the entrepreneurship skills i got from TASAF officials had helped me embark on poultry and agriculture projects which had also been paying me a lot,” she said.