Govt to release detailed  review of the civil servant remunerations

08Feb 2019
Felister Peter
The Guardian
 Govt to release detailed  review of the civil servant remunerations

THE government will soon release details of the report by the Public Service Remuneration Board (HSRB) concerning review of civil servant remunerations, the House heard yesterday.

Prime Minister Kassim Majaliwa

Prime Minister Kassim Majaliwa said in National Assembly that the board that was formed by President John Magufuli had already submitted its comprehensive report to the head of state.

According to the Premier, the President decided to form the Public Service Remuneration Board and tasked it to make thorough review and assessment on the salaries in the public service as well as assessing the accountability and efficiency of workers.

He clarified that the government wanted to know if the money that was being released by the treasury to public servants was worthy the jobs they were doing.

PM Majaliwa said “The board had already submitted its report to the President, and anytime from now we shall release the details. The decision to review the salaries was the best since the results are likely to be the best”.

Majaliwa was responding to a question from Mbozi lawmaker, Paschal Haonga (Chadema)  had claimed   the government had not reviewed civil servant salaries for a long period. He said that public servants had  believe that the government had ignored their statutory salary increments as provided for by the Public Service Act.

Haonga demanded the government’s statement as to when it would increase salaries of the public servants.

PM said the President had made series of meetings with representatives of the trade unions on how best to harmonise and improve the welfare of workers.

He added that when the fifth phase government took power; there were many ghost workers on the pay roll, calling for intensive verification before increasing salaries.

“We have taken a number of measures to shape the public services including the removal of ghost workers and those without academic certificates in the payroll”, said Malaiwa noting after the two consecutive exercises, the government realised that there was also another critical issues where public servants of the same profession and education criteria were on different salary scales, a move that called for immediate measures for salary harmonization.

The HSRB board  works under provided guidelines which include: providing the public service with sustainable remunerations that attract and help retain employees in the public service and recognise  them and respect efficiency.

Others are; observing transparency, equality and rights of employees, give affordable and sustainable remuneration, prioritising demands of taxpayers and the public when forming and running bodies dealing with remunerations.