Minister appeals  for more funding of district councils

25Apr 2019
Polycarp Machira
The Guardian
 Minister appeals  for more funding of district councils

THE deputy minister in the President’s Office (Regional Administration and Local Governments), Mwita Waitara has directed district councils to ensure that they allocate 20 per cent from  their own sources to pay allowances to local leaders.

THE deputy minister in the President’s Office (Regional Administration and Local Governments), Mwita Waitara.

He said the councils had  the duty to paying the local authority leaders, and should increase their revenues for that purpose.

He said that in response to a question by  Mbulu Rural MP, Flatei Massay (CCM) who  had argued that the councillors had many duties to handle but were poorly paid.

He also wanted to know the government’s plans to increase allowances  for the councillors.

 On a supplementary question, Iringa Urban MP Peter Msigwa (CHADEMA) while contributing on the same issue said  some of the councils had low revenues due to their sources of revenues, therefore the 20 per cent allocation was still  a small amount.

Taking this into account, Msigwa insisted that it was important for the government to intervene in adding more funds for the allowances  of councillors and local leaders.

Waitara explained that for the government to support councils paying allowances to those leaders would depend on its financial muscles.

“There is need to consider the concerns and will work on them when the government has funds for that purpose so that these our fellow leaders also get better pay,” he told the House.

He admitted that the government was aware of  big jobs done by the councillors in monitoring development activities at their areas, saying  the government had been improving allowances  for the councillors when the councils’ revenues increased.

From 2012/13 financial year the government increased amount of allowance from 120,000/- to 250,000/- per month, which is equivalent to 108.3 per cent increase.

Again, in 2014/15, the amount was raised to 350,000/- from the previous amount of 250,000/-.

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