Ndugai wants child killings report this week

05Feb 2019
Felister Peter
The Guardian
 Ndugai wants child killings report this week

SPEAKER of the National Assembly Job Ndugai yesterday directed the government to present in the House a detailed report on the killings of children in Njombe region and measures taken to end the murders.

SPEAKER of the National Assembly Job Ndugai.

“Security organs must team up to end the killing of innocent children. The government should table its report by end of this week”, said Speaker Ndugai adding that such incidences tarnish the country’s image.

More than 20 people including prominent businessmen in Njombe and Makambako towns have been arrested in connection with what is believed to be ritual killings as four more minors were killed in Njombe region at the weekend.

So far more than 10 children have been brutally killed in the region on various incidences associated with superstitions beliefs.

Earlier when asking for the Speaker’s guidance on the matter, Lupembe MP Joram Hongoli (CCM) was concerned that the situation in Njombe was tense and economic activity was slowing down over the fears.

Hongoli said that four children were killed last Saturday in his constituency. He said three of them were from one family.

He said that parents have stopped working to escort their children to and from school.

He warned that failure to address the problem would result into killing many people as the residents have started to attack people they suspect to be involved in the killing of children.

“Two people have reportedly been killed by angry mobs in Ludewa and Waning’ombe areas,” said Hongoli noting that several others have been attacked and injured after being suspected of being the killers.

“Businesses stopped following the arrest of ten businesspeople who have heavily invested not only in Njombe and Makambo, but also in Dodoma and Dar es Salaam,” said Makambako MP, Deo Sanga (CCM).

“The government should tell us what is going on. These business people are now in custody for four days,” he said.

Jenista Mhagama, the Minister of State in the Prime Minister's Office (Policy, Parliamentary Affairs, Labour, Employment, Youth and the Disabled) said that the government needs enough time to come up with a detailed report of what has been done so far.

Last week, Home Affairs Minister Kangi Lugola associated the ongoing killings in Njombe with superstitions beliefs.

He said security organs have identified some of the people involved in the brutal killing of children and that they were to be arraigned soon.

The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) condemned attacks and murders of children, insisting that children have a fundamental right to be safe and be protected from violence so that they can enjoy their childhood and reach their full potential.

UN Resident Coordinator in Tanzania Alvaro Rodriguez said that UN is ready to support the government in their efforts to address the issue.

Maniza Zaman, UNICEF Representative in Tanzania said. “No form of violence or abuse against a child is acceptable or permissible for any reason and any such act is an outright violation of the very ethos of basic human rights.”

It is believed that some witchdoctors in the region tell people that human body parts have special properties that can bring them wealth and luck.

The children were reportedly taken from their homes at night when their parents were selling food at a market.

Tanzania has in the recent years been trying to end killing of vulnerable groups for same motives, most common being the brutal attacks on people with albinism for their body parts.

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