Police holding 2 people for  allegedly killing child Rose

13May 2019
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 Police holding 2 people for  allegedly killing child Rose

POLICE in Mbeya Region are holding two people for allegedly killing a six-year-old Rose Japhet in an event linked to superstitious beliefs.

Mbeya Regional Police Commander, Ulrich Matei.

Mbeya Regional Police Commander, Ulrich Matei told reporters here that those who were arrested include Andrew Mwambuluma, a resident of Mbalizi on the outskirts of Mbeya city and Japhet Nguku (37)  the father of the deceased, who is a resident of Msewe village in Mbarali District.

He said that the suspects allegedly killed the child on May 3, this year and went away with her body parts, so that they can ‘get rich.’

RPC Matei said that after that the remains of the baby girl were found at   Chimara Forest Reserve and “the body was found decapitated and with the right foot amputated. And the foot was found buried nearby.”

The regional police chief said: “The motive of this murder was monetary. The father of the deceased took his daughter to a businessman for five million shillings for her to be killed and her right foot amputated.”

The businessman, who was also arrested, was meant to “give the foot to a healer so that he would make a product which would make him (the father) prosperous,” Matei said.

The businessman admitted his involvement and police are still hunting for the healer.

The incident happens barely three months, when ten children aged between three and six years were brutally killed and some had their organs chopped off in different occasions in Njombe Region

Reports have it that the killers were also chopping off the children’s reproductive and respiratory organs in the killings that are linked to superstitious beliefs.

Njombe Regional Commissioner, Christopher Ole Sendeka, had ordered the immediate arrest of all witchdoctors who are linked to the brutal deaths of innocent children.

The United Nations condemned the killings at the time.

Such killings are not unusual in Tanzania, where albinos are often kidnapped and their body parts hacked off for use as charms and magical potions in the belief that they bring wealth and good luck.

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