TANAPA, TFS ordered to initiate  beekeeping projects in ten villages

17Jul 2018
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 TANAPA, TFS ordered to initiate  beekeeping projects in ten villages

NATURAL Resources and Tourism minister Dr Hamisi Kigwangalla has directed the Tanzania National Parks Authority (TANAPA) and the National Forest Services (TFS) to initiate beekeeping projects in ten villages surrounding Serengeti National Park to fight wild animals from attacking human settlements.

NATURAL Resources and Tourism minister Dr Hamisi Kigwangalla.

According to him, embarking on beekeeping in the park’s borders would threaten wild animals especially elephants from crossing the boundaries.

Addressing a public rally at Mariwanda village, Hunyari ward in Bunda District, Mara Region Dr Kigwangalla urged the authorities to immediately supervise the formation of beekeeping groups in the villages.

“TANAPA and TFS should ensure that modern beekeeping projects are initiated in the ten villages surrounding Serengeti National Park, We should do this to address the long time challenge which has been disturbing our community as they have experienced regular attacks of wildlife animals in their areas,” he said.

He also said that apart from chasing wild animals from entering in the farms and settlements, the modern beekeeping projects would help the communities earn extra incomes thus improve their living.

“As per experts within the ministry, beekeeping stands as among best ways to fight wild animals in human settlements and farms, most of the animals especially elephants are afraid of bees so putting them in farms and parks’ boards will help a lot,” he noted.

Eelier, Bunda Rural Member of Parliament (MP) Bonifasi Getere said that the communities surrounding the Serengeti National Park have been struggling to fight the dangerous animals in the settlements but their efforts proved futile.

“These animals have brought a number of impacts to the community causing death and injuries to people but also acres of crops have been destroyed,” he said.

Baraka Abdul, a Mariwanda resident in the district urged the government to increase the number of centres and deploy more game rangers in the most affected areas.

Minister Kigwangalla warned  those who engage in poaching and animals gazing  in the national park that they have to stop it immediately as no one will be spared.

Dr Kigwangalla further directed TANAPA and Tanzania Wildlife Authority (TAWA) to review the Serengeti National Park (bufer zone) within the  Kenyan border to identify the real boundary, map and challenges and submit them to him for further measures.