TFDA advises local small scale entrepreneurs to observe compulsory

15Aug 2018
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 TFDA advises local small scale entrepreneurs to observe compulsory

TANZANIA Food Drug Authority (TFDA) has advised local small scale entrepreneurs to observe compulsory standards, product safety and quality requirements when processing and  packaging their products.


TFDA senior inspection officer in Northern Zone Barnabas Jacob gave the advice recently here at the commemoration of Farmer’s Day (NaneNane exhibitions).

“Standards, safety and quality of products are essential, so as SMEs, you should ensure that all these things are applied when processing your products,” he said.

He said that TFDA has been embarking on a number of awareness programmes to train SMEs and the public at large on the impact of consuming sub-standard products.

According to him, producing sub-standard products do not only have health impacts but also blocks SMEs from accessing local and international major markets.

He noted that the small scale producers have huge contribution in the country’s economy and that being the case TFDA sees the need to improve their productivity.

Jacob explained that when products are short of the standards then they cannot enter the market, local or foreign and that lowers the producers’ revenue as well as the governments but it actually raises their expenses in form of fines and loss of produce.

He also urged that innovative measures are needed to fight aflatoxin which has attacks food products calling on the public to take pre-cautions on that.

“Aflatoxin contamination by many of staple food including grains such as maize, groundnuts, rice, and other contamination by insects like weevils that destroy agriculture produce, hence increasing losses and risking people’s health.”

Jacob named some of the areas that have been attacked by the disease as Chemba District in Dodoma and Kiteto in Manyara Region.

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