TFS  to upgrade Pugu forest reserve in the  Coast region

19Apr 2019
Crispin Gerald
The Guardian
 TFS  to upgrade Pugu forest reserve in the  Coast region

TANZANIA Forest Service (TFS) is finalising the plans to upgrade Pugu Forest Reserve located in Coast Region to become special forest reserve for natural environment.

Pugu forest

Pugu forest which is located 20 kilometer South West of Dar es Salaam Region is one among the forest reserves available in the country and controlled by TFS.

Deputy forest manager for Pugu, Manzia Shedura said it was resolved recently at a special tree planting campaign held in the forest.

Themed; “The Green Tanzania is Possible, Plant Trees for Industrial Development”; the campaign is part of the government reforestation efforts seeking to control the impact of climate change.

According to her, Pugu forest remains a vital resource given its contribution to the ecosystem and the environment in Dar es Salaam Region.

She said the forest is having an exclusive features and species which are not found anywhere in the world. Therefore it upgrading it was vital for protection of natural resources and environment.

“The upgrading meant to abolish all human activities in or along the forest area; rather the forest will only be used for ecological tourism,” she said.

She said that “The move also means that even if there will be signs of mining and other economic resources, no permit will be issued to extract the resources in the forest.”

Pugu forest reserve is rich of bio-diversities including reptiles, birds and insects as well as popular trees known as Mpugupugu that named after     Pugu forest and Pugu secondary school.

For his part, TFS extension and publicity officer Shaban Kiula said the campaign is targeting on restoring the lost ecological system that was destroyed by human activities.

Kiula said that Tanzania is covered with total of 48.1 million actors of forest resources in the geographical area of 88 million.

He said Pugu forest reserve is covered with more than 50 species, today (yesterday) we plant species called ‘albizia’.

“I call upon other stakeholders in the country to support the government’s efforts in preserving the forest resources for the benefit of all living organisms,” he said.

TFS ambassador Neli Kazikazi urged youth to   preserve the forest resources for the country’s development.

She said young people are supposed to be the catalyst for developing and preserving the forest resources in order to attract  international tourism that creates employment.

Kazikazi who is also the Miss Tanzania second runner-up also urged the society residing close to forest to make good use and safe ways of preserving and developing the forest resources.

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