Three students win Huawei ITC skills competition 2018/2019

06Dec 2018
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 Three students win Huawei ITC skills competition 2018/2019

PRIME Minister Kassim Majaliwa yesterday awarded three students who won the Huawei ICT Skills Competition Southern Africa 2018/2019.

Prime Minister Kassim Majaliwa presents a trophy in Dar es Salaam yesterday to University of Dar es Salaam student Emmanuel Chaula, who has come out tops in the 2018-2019 edition of Huawei’s ICT Competition. Photo: Selemani Mpochi

The premier awarded a certificate to University of Dar es Salaam student Emmanuel Chaula, who emerged the winner in the Huawei ICT Skills Competition Southern Africa 2018/19 (Tanzania Chapter).

Other two students who emerged second and third, Yusuph Hamis from the Open University of Tanzania (OUT) and Joachim Ngatunga from the University of Dodoma (Udom), were also awarded certificates.

All three will now join students from other countries within southern Africa for another competition scheduled for February, next year, which will be held in South Africa and later in China if they manage to triumph in the second round.

The HUAWEI ICT Competition is an international event that competition invites information and communication technology students from all over the world to test their ICT capabilities, and provides a platform for the exchange of skills and experiences.

In Tanzania the competition, launched in August this year, saw more than 500 information technology students register at the preliminary stages from 10 universities across the country. Of these, 100 were selected for training after a competitive selection process.

Speaking at the function in Dar es Salaam yesterday, the Premier urged Tanzanian ICT students who managed to enter in this competition, to use well this opportunity so that others can emulate it as an example.

“I encourage all the citizens to use well this Information and Communication Technology for better wealth and in all services so that it will speed up our economic growth and reducing poverty as well as creating more job opportunities,” he said.

He called on the public to use social media responsibly and use it in productive activities, hence improve their livelihoods.

He urged the public to refrain from sharing abusive and subversive materials on social media.

 "Be careful about posting anything on the social media,” the Premier said, adding that anyone caught on the wrong side of the law will be dealt with ruthlessly.

He said people should use ICT for boosting country’s economy and addressing poverty as well as creating employment opportunities and not otherwise.

Majaliwa said technology is one of the key aspects that boost people’s development, citing education as one of the sectors that can benefit, whereby one teacher can teach as many students as possible at one time.

“Effective use of ICT reduces running costs of running a project, hence needs to be wisely and responsibily used,” the premier said, adding that the government is determined to ensure that the sector is heavily invested so that rural-based communities benefit out of technological development.

According to Majaliwa, the use of ICT has improved service delivery to the public from central to local government authorities.

The premier also lauded Huawei for launching their own program dubbed: Seed of the Future aimed at empowering different students with ICT.

Majaliwa described Huawei was one of the largest companies that were leading in ICT, noting that the competition was timely at a time when the government needed ICT expertise to support the industrialisation ambition.

“Huawei ICT competition is an important part of Tanzania talents cultivation and development program. According to the program, Huawei will send at least 10 students from all over the country to China to participate in ICT training.

In the next 5 years, Huawei will continue to give ICT training to more than 1,000 students in Tanzania, and part of them will have an internship opportunity in Huawei, and eventually continues contribute to the ICT industry in Tanzania." said Zhou Xu, CEO of Huawei Tanzania Company.

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