World Vision Tanzania unveils  3- years project to help school girls

09Feb 2019
John Ngunge
The Guardian
 World Vision Tanzania unveils  3- years project to help school girls

THE World Vision Tanzania, (WVT), has unveiled three- year project to help school girls in Karatu District overcome challenges which draw them back from improving their lives and make their dreams a reality.


Jesca Ndanda, a coordinator of the project to end child pregnancy and forced early marriages from WVT, said the three years project will stands at 675m/-.


She unveiled the plan during the culmination of international day of zero tolerance for female genital mutilations celebrations held at Endabash village in the district, on Wednesday.


She said the project among other things, would improve and help school girls effectively manage menstrual health and in the process they will teach them on how to wash and wear sanitary towels that could be used more than once.


She added, the project would make sure that there are enough modern toilets suitable for school girls during their menstrual circle.


She further explained that the project would also economically empower girl child in the area by providing entrepreneurship skills and maternal health education so that they would be responsible citizen and, positively contribute to their community development.


“Apart from maternal health education, the project also aims at giving them (girl child) entrepreneurship knowledge so that they would be able to be self reliant and contribute to the development of their society,” she stressed.

She also explained that the project would incorporate use of various sports activities to attract  youth who  are both in and out of schools as part of sensitisation programmes on good governance in the grass root levels and imparting knowledge of their fundamental  basic rights.


“The project will enable a girl child in Karatu have self confidence and freely interact with various stakeholders  in civil service such as teachers, health workers, religious leaders, local and traditional  leaders, prominent personalities, government and non governmental organizations (NGO’s) so that a girl child can attain her dreams,” she explained.


On her part, Endabash division officer, Leina Swale, urged the community especially women to change their mindsets and spearhead Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) campaign in the area and district as a whole.


She further urged community development officers in the district to frequently visit lower level of the society especially in family level and deliver appropriate education and skills on the campaign against FGM, early childhood marriages and unwanted pregnancies.


Earlier, Karatu district development officer, Abdallah Nyange, raised the alarm that the rate of Female Genital Mutilation in the district is on rise despite the numerous multi approach campaign against the vice.


According to him, statistics from maternal health records show that 41 per cent of women (3031) who attended official health facilities in the district in 2018 had been subjected to FGM.


The number was higher compared to the records taken since 2014 with the actual number of women who undergone FGM shown in the brackets. 2014(2462),2015(2507),2016(2597)and 2017 (2621).





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