‘16 villages in Chunya District will no longer face water blues’

20Mar 2019
The Guardian
‘16 villages in Chunya District will no longer face water blues’

ACUTE water shortages facing residents from sixteen villages in Chunya District, Mbeya Region will soon become a history following the completion of a project to supply water from Matwiga dam  whose construction is in final stages.

Over 50,000 villagers are estimated to benefit from the project once completed and thus forget all the water woes they had been facing for many  years.due to water blues.


This comes after the Water and Irrigation Minister Prof Makame Mbarawa visited the project directing the district’s water engineer to immediately finalise the architectural drawings and the number of  pipes set up from the source to the villages.


The minister wanted authorities to supervise and make sure the project is completed within the next four months.


He also called on communities to protect water projects in their areas so as to last long for their benefits.


“Clean water is critical to all sectors. It is an important need for any human beings, so while we continue deploying new solutions to address water challenges, communities should make sure that they work on protecting the infrastructure,” he added


Matwiga village chairman Tupyelesyeghe Mtawa said they have, for years been living by promises from government officials that they project would commence anytime but nothing happened.


“We are now happy after the minister’s visit  because, the implementation of this water project will help the community mitigate the problems arising from the lack of reliable water,” he said.


According to him, women and school children were the one who had been suffering the most as they had to wake up in early hours, walking long distances away from homes  in search of the precious liquid something which hampers they from engaging in other production activities.




For her part, Chunya District Commissioner Maryprisca Mahundi said the project has been completed by 98 per cent but   awaits installation of pipes from the dam to the villages.


He said that about   1.1bn/- had been spent since the project commencement.


“Let me assure all the villagers that the project is on its final stages, only two per cents had remained and we are working to ensure that within a very short period of time, water will be available in all the targeted villages,” he said.


District’s Water Engineer Samwel Hechei said that the architectural drawings were all ready and the supply of pipes to the villages will commence any time from now.


He said the contractor was ready to complete the job  for  355m/-.