‘8-year-old patient in respiratory distress discharged from hospital’

13Jun 2019
Crispin Gerald
Dar es Salaam
The Guardian
‘8-year-old patient in respiratory distress discharged from hospital’

EIGHT-year-old boy who had suffered from respiratory failure for eight months was yesterday discharged from the Mloganzila Hospital where he received free medical treatment.

Hillary Plasdius, a resident of Dar es Salaam was first admitted at the hospital with the history of upper and lower limb weakness that necessitated caring in the intensive care unit (ICU) for four months and another three months in the respiratory care.

Head of department of Pediatrics and Child Health at the hospital, Dr Mwanaidi Amri told journalists yesterday that respiratory complications weakened the boy’s muscles hence led to paralysis.

Dr Amri was speaking at an event to handover a wheelchair to the child to help him recover steadily.

She elaborated that such complication occurs when there is a preceding infection in the respiratory system or can be caused by patients presented with diarrhea where the body attacks its own nerve cells and damage it. She said once nerves cells are attacked muscles that are involved in the respiratory systems are also weakened.

“Such conditions can happen to both, children and adults. It is referred to body immune attacks which destroy its own cells”, said Dr Amri adding the problem is curable.

According to her the hospital prescribes specific drugs to boost patient’s body immune when cases are reported at early stages. She said that Hillary was treated with the same medication.

She added that a team of occupational therapy, physiotherapy and ICU experts worked together to save Hillary’s life.

Julieth Magandi, Deputy Director General of the Mlonganzila hospital said they are happy to see the child has recovered from the critical condition he had in the first day he was admitted.

Magandi said the hospital covered all the medical cost for the boy totaling 17m/-. She said the donated wheelchair cost 450,000/-.

“Hillary’s medical bills were too high thus we decided to help the family”, she noted.