‘Agriculture greatly contributed to Tanzania’s middle economy status’

14Jul 2020
The Guardian
‘Agriculture greatly contributed to Tanzania’s middle economy status’

​​​​​​​UYOLE centre of Tanzania Agricultural Research Institute (TARI-Uyole) in Mbeya says the agricultural sector has contributed greatly to take the country to the Middle Economy level spurred by industrial development.

TARI-Uyole Managing Director Dr Tulole Bucheyeki.

This was revealed at the weekend by TARI-Uyole Managing Director Dr Tulole Bucheyeki when inspecting preparations of seedlings of various crops for the Nanenane Farmers Exhibition in the Southern Highlands Zone to be held at John Mwakangale Grounds in Mbeya City.

Dr Bucheyeki said many factories established in the country depend on agricultural based raw materials produced in the country and stressed that the institute will continue to provide training to farmers to enhance production.

He said as for now the institute has come up with more than 40 technological inventions to assist farmers to enhance crops production that will in turn assist the country to be self-sufficient in food and raw materials for industrial use and for export. 

“Due to the importance of agriculture we have decided to assist the people to learn various farming technologies for the whole year beginning August 1 this year, in the previous years they only learned from the Nanenane exhibitions,” Dr Bucheyeki said. 

Dr Bucheyeki said the technologies invented have produced seeds of various crops that will be distributed to the people with training on their proper use.

He said the institute welcomes all the people from various areas to go and learn about farming technologies at his institute at any time even during non-farming seasons.

He also added that the institute has modern laboratory to evaluate various nutrients in the soil to advise farmers to grow crops according to the soil type in their farms.

Some farmers who visited the institute’s farms for learning purposes said they greatly benefited from the training by abandoning traditional farming methods that were mainly for subsistence.

One of them, Zawadi Mzumbwe from Isuto ward in Mbeya District said in the past they were using natural seeds with small yields.

She said they used to harvest three to seven bags of maize per acre but after training on the use of modern seeds and modern farming methods they get 15 bags or more per acre.

She advised the people from other areas in the Southern Highlands Zone to go to the institute to improve their farming techniques for better crops yields.

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