‘Audit development projects in a month’

19Jan 2022
The Guardian Reporter
The Guardian
‘Audit development projects in a month’

FINANCE and Planning Minister Dr Mwigulu Nchemba has directed internal auditors to conduct evaluation of expenditure of funds disbursed for all major development projects in their areas and submit reports within one month.

The minister issued the directive at Mwandiga township yesterday, addressing residents during his visit to Kigoma Region, instructing internal auditors to audit all funds disbursed in their areas.

The audits must specify the projects implemented, the level of implementation and the value of the projects, he stated

 “Internal auditors nationwide should conduct this job within one month and bring me a report outlining the amount received, to what extent it has been used, the level of completion of the projects and the quality level,” he elaborated.

Audits must also say if the project has not been implemented at all or has been improperly implemented, he said, asking that the reports be frank “and those who did the work will tell us if they have how much ability to do the job.”

Looking at the building of health centres, he said the government expects to issue funds for the second phase of up to 500m/-for each centre by the end of February for completion of ongoing projects.

The government will not tolerate anyone delaying the implementation of development projects while funds are disbursed on time, he stated, underlining that money will not be returned to the central government due to faulty documents but the government shall deal with those causing the problem and impinging on development efforts.

People should not be collectively punished for an offence done by a few people tasked with the work on behalf of the populace. In the event of faulty accounts, the perpetrators will be held accountable as the local population is not responsible for the errors, he emphasised.

Kigoma North MP Assa Makanika said that there were tensions over the construction of a health centre in the small town of Mwandiga, directing local councillors to address the challenge before the completion of first phase construction of health centres countrywide, slated for completion next month.

Grievances among the people including roads, national IDs, access to water as well as police stations were raised, with the minster promising to submit them to the relevant authorities for solutions.