‘Deported Chinese acted in good faith’

11Oct 2018
By Guardian Reporter
Dar es Salaam
The Guardian
‘Deported Chinese acted in good faith’

FEW days after the government deported two Chinese nationals over abuse of local employees, top officials with the company China Railway Group Corporation said the duo acted in good faith to separate five employees that hurt fellow employee who had received his salary and ignored their protest move

The company’s assistant general manager, Liu Zhiguo told The Guardian yesterday that the two Chinese engineers, Pen Pong and Liun Migun were undertaking the Chunya-Makongorosi road construction project.

He said that investigation by the Chinese firm revealed that the engineers were trying to stop the employees from attacking a fellow worker who had received a monthly pay and ignored them from taking part in a planned protest.

He said that the Chinese staff and local security group staff, guarding the firm rushed to separate the five employees to avoid an escalation of fight that was about to erupt as they had wanted to harm an employee who collected his salary.

According to him, the incident was reported to the police because the five Tanzanians were inciting others to protest and stop working that would have an impact on the implementation of the Chunya-Makongorosi road project.

The Chinese firm official further said that despite the fight, the company went on to pay the five Tanzanians and other employees, who were set to protest for low wages and they all continued with their work.

Zhiguo said the Chunya District Commissioner also made a visit to the construction site on October 2, this year, with immigration officers and the police including the district administrative secretary (DAS) to resolve the issue.

After the police did the physical investigation and questioning of local employees and the securities, “the police told us that they had found out that no form of abuse was made by Chinese engineers to local employees.”

On October 6, this year, Minister for Works, Transport and Communication Isack Kamwelwe directed that the two Chinese engineers be deported for indiscipline and abuse, which includes beating up Tanzania nationals.

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