‘Don’t disconnect water services on weekends and public holidays’

03May 2021
The Guardian
‘Don’t disconnect water services on weekends and public holidays’

WATER minister Jumaa Aweso has banned the practice by the country’s water authorities to disconnect water supply during weekends or public holidays .

Speaking recently at a meeting with workers and staff of Energy and Water Utilities Regulatory Authority (EWURA), Aweso called on the water authorities to abide by the laws in regard to water provision and that water service must not be disconnected on during weekend and public holidays.

He called on EWURA to concentrate on the issues of water bills and loss of water saying these were hardcore problems.

“All public offices are close on weekends and public holidays, so where do you want water consumers to go and pay their bills? Educate consumers and being fond of disconnection water supply, besides even after one pays his bills he has 24 hours to be reconnected, reconnection is not kindness,” he said.

He added: “Do not disconnect water on weekends or public holidays, and if you do that, why don’t you open your offices on these days to

He said EWURA has the responsibility to stand by the laws that clearly mention the days on which water must not be disconnected to any consumer.

He also called on EWURA to make sure water authorities improve infrastructures to control water leakages before water reaches customers.

“Water bill and water leakages are areas that you must concentrate on. For instance, in regard to Igunga-Tabora water project, I am told 60 per cent of water is lost on the way, I am surprised, you have to investigate that,” he said.

In regard to water bills hardcore defaulters, the Minister called on EWURA to double its efforts in public education.

"It is a right for every Tanzanian to be supplied with water, but he must also not ignore his responsibility to pay the bills, he should be educated in order to make him proud to pay that bill, do not inflate the bills or charge him for any services which have not been endorsed by EWURA,” Aweso added.

He praised EWURA for good work and called on workers and staff to work together to attain the goals for the institution’s existence.

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