‘Girls over 14 years liable to cervical cancer vaccinations’

17May 2022
Francis Kajubi
The Guardian
‘Girls over 14 years liable to cervical cancer vaccinations’

​​​​​​​THE Ministry of Health has said that from the 2022/23 fiscal year girls aged 14 years and above will be liable to get a single vaccination doze for cervical cancer which they are currently required to take twice.

​​​​​​​Minister Ummy Mwalimu.

Minister Ummy Mwalimu revealed the news yesterday when she tabled the budget estimates that covers 13 areas of priority the key one being strengthening health services for women, children and young girls.

“The ministry has leant that most of young girls don’t take the second round of the vaccinations due to different reasons such as relocating to other places and lack of education on the vaccines essence. To fight the future of women, we urge parents to make sure that teenagers get vaccinated,” said Mwalimu.

According to her, the ministry will during 2022/23 fiscal year allocate 74.4bn/- for facilitating children vaccinations. On a special case, 23.36bn/- will be allocated for construction of a children’s and maternity hospital and another 19bn/- for capacity building and training to health care givers as the key area of focus.

On other priorities, she said the ministry will also focus on improving health services quality that should go in line with infrastructure developments.

In the 2022/23 fiscal year, the ministry is asking parliamentarians to approve an estimated budget of 1.109trn/- for recurrent and development expenditure.

“We intend to strengthen the quality of services offered at public health facilities such as professional consultations, physical examinations, time spent by patients for  treatments, supply of medicines and reliable supply of medical appliances,” said Mwalimu.

According to her, other areas of great priority is providing vaccinations for children under the age of five years old, observing improvements in maternal health services, nutrition programmes for children under five, environmental health, ICT solutions and professional services.

Ummy said that as of March this year the ministry had collected 403bn/- equivalent to 79 percent of the targeted 507.2bn/-. The ministry had requested 1.34trn/- but until March this year had received 700bn/- equivalent to 63.7 percent. In the new fiscal year, the ministry targets at collecting 619bn/-.

In his observation to the ministry’s implementation of the last budget lasting June 30 this year, Stanslaus Nyongo, Chairman of the Community Development Committee said that his committee noticed some shortfalls in the sector such as delay in disbursement of funds, shortage of staff and medical equipment.

Jesca Msambatavangu, Iringa Urban MP said that the region requires 466 health experts, but there are only 264 calling for the ministry to bridge the gap. She also commented on mental health which is becoming a critical problem in the community.

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