‘Government will set budget for refurbishing old schools’

25Jan 2021
By Guardian Reporter
The Guardian
‘Government will set budget for refurbishing old schools’

​​​​​​​PRIME Minister Kassim Majaliwa has said the government was preparing a budget for the second phase of refurbishing old schools in the country that will incorporate teachers’ quarters and other structures.

​​​​​​​PRIME Minister Kassim Majaliwa.

The PM also said he was pleased by the creativity in making various items by four students of Ifunda Technical secondary school adding that the issue was among essential issues stressed by the government through the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology.

Majaliwa was speaking yesterday after receiving reports on the refurbishment and inspecting infrastructure  of Ifunda Girls secondary school and Ifunda technical school in Iringa Rural District.

He said he was happy with the refurbishment of the two schools and that the government will continue improving teaching environment in the country including improvement to the infrastructure  and sending more teachers to schools that have shortage. 

In regard to refurbishment of old schools, the PM said that was the result of one of many pledges from President John Magufuli in 2015.

He also called on all students to study hard and to abandon the failure concept, as Tanzanians have capabilities to supervise the country’s resources and accomplish great things.

He said the government was educating students to prepare them to become good supervisors of the country resources, hence they should study hard.   

Secondary schools that were refurbished in Iringa Region include Ifunda Girls secondary school, Ifunda technical secondary school, Lugalo secondary school, Malangali secondary school and Iringa secondary school at the cost of 7.8bn/-.

In regard to innovation of various items by the four students, Majaliwa said the government has mobilised   to develop the innovations for the benefit of the nation and the people in general.

The students include Elia Mkumbo who onvented a gadget (blind assistant) that gives sound to help blind people know if there is any obstruction before him.

Others are Oscar Herman who invented a device dubbed local connection detector, Japhet Danford who created a device (tele switch) farming by sprinkling and Dhuwaiya Latwif who invented a water level indicator that enables a person to know the water level in a tank without going up to the top to look inside.

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