‘Govt keen on statistical data dissemination’ 

29Jun 2020
By Guardian Reporter
The Guardian
‘Govt keen on statistical data dissemination’ 

​​​​​​​MINISTER for Finance and Planning Dr Philip Mpango has reaffirmed government’s commitment to continue strengthening environment for the production and dissemination of statistics in the country.

Mpango made the remarks over the weekend when he laid the  foundation stone of National Statistics (NBS) office building in Kigoma Region.

He said the fifth phase government is always keen to see those entrusted with various responsibilities in the government and its institutions are provided with friendly and appropriate working environment where they can perform their duties accordingly. 

“This office building is one of those efforts to ensure we accord our employees conducive environment in order to make them work comfortably and attain the expected results like quality statistics in the case of NBS staff,” he said.

In his speech, minister Mpango underscored the importance of quality statistics in planning, monitoring and implementation of plans and programmes and commended NBS for providing the government and other stakeholders with needed quality statistics.

“Without quality statistics we can’t measure  our progress and that is why with available statistics we have managed to measure and identify all achievements we have so far attained during the fifth phase government,” he stressed. 

Mpango lauded respondents of various statistical surveys and censuses for their continued collaboration during data collection by providing correct statistical information according to questions posed by the data collectors.

“Respondents who are mostly normal citizens are key in production of quality statistics. I salute them and recognise their contributions which had made Tanzania one of the few countries in Africa which produce quality statistics,” he noted.

Minister Mpango directed statistician general to ensure the construction work of the building is completed as scheduled in September, this year and vowed to ensure the funds set for the work are availed to the national statistics office during the first quarter of the financial year 2020/2021.

For her part, NBS governing board chairperson Dr. Amina Msengwa thanked the fifth phase government for providing   700 million/- to finish construction of the building which started in 1994 thanks to the support from Statistics Sweden.

Speaking during the event, statistician general Dr. Albina Chuwa emphasised that such infrastructures are important as they help in adapting use of modern technologies in data collection and dissemination.

“Adoption of new technologies is important because it helps us to reduce costs of production and dissemination of statistics products,” she explained.